It is no secret that becoming an artist in South Africa has not always been easy – not even for those who have the resources. It is with love and passion for art that most successful artists are where they are today. Nonkuleko “Nonku” Ndlovu, an actress, producer and entrepreneur, understands this very  well. She recently shared her journey on becoming an artist and how following her passion has and continues to fulfil her life.

The arts have evolved and continue to thrive in SA. It is great organisations such as Eagles Academy, Jozi Film Festival (JFF) and Business and Art South Africa (BASA) that contribute to the growth and development of this industry. These organisations in their own right have recognised potential in the art industry and artists. They have gone out of their way to give local talent platforms to showcase their true potential.

It’s often said that, “The happiest people are the ones who do what they love”, but for others it’s not “black and white” – there still remain challenges. There are still many struggling artists – particularly young artists that are chasing their dreams.

BASA is an organisation that believes is fostering strong arts and business partnerships, with aim to create opportunities in the industry. CN&CO is a proud member of BASA and Carel Nolte (chief señor) sits on the board. BASA undertakes a number of projects. Recently it hosted a BASA’s Young Business Professionals masterclass, which focused on the growth of the place of Art Based Initiatives (ABI), and ways in which to they can be applied in the corporate environment. “It was created for those who want to take active role in the arts, creative business, and innovation sector”, stated BASA.

Eagles Academy is a film school founded by Nonku. It was created with aim to give television, film and media training to students who cannot afford tuition fees. To better equip them for them their career choices.

Like Eagles Academy, Jozi Film Festival also supports local artists and gives them the opportunity to showcase their talents and grow in the art industry. JFF is a partner to CN&CO. CN&CO will be handling its PR in the upcoming event, fifth annual Jozi Festival, to take place from 15 – 18 September. Together with Easy Equities, clients to CN&CO will be launching a brand new mobile phone film competition on the day of the festival. Entries close 30 August. Click here for more information.

At CN&CO we love and support art and we believe there is still room for growth in this industry.