Business and Art South Africa (BASA) is a development agency working to encourage and strengthen the partnership between art and business. One of the projects they do to give provision to the art community in South Africa is through the BASA Supporting Grant Programme. The programme is developed to give financial support to art projects that have already established relationships with business and art organisation sponsors. The Support Grant Programme has proven to be a success, as previous grant-awarded organisations have been able to sustain relationships with their sponsors.


BASA is funding 21 projects for the second cycle of this financial year 2016/2017 and you can see the list here. The grants will be awarded strictly for marketing, publicity and advertising for the event. To apply, both the art organisations and their sponsors have to be part of the application. See application details here.

CN&CO is a member of BASA and Carel Nolte is on the board. As such we understand that sponsoring creativity goes a long way. Because of our love for the arts, we never let an opportunity to lend a helping hand to art projects pass us by.

We have made it an ongoing commitment to invest in art projects and young artists. We heard a drama student Kineta Kunutu‘s appeal to fund her studies at the ultra-prestigious Yale School of Drama in Connecticut, USA, where she received a scholarship. Kineta Kunutu will be starting her academic year in August. Other young folks we took an interest in were in the play,The Wonderful World of Fok’s Park. This play was performed at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown earlier this year. We sponsored them with the sets and props. “We are extremely thankful to CN&CO for being the catalyst for the development and enrichment of young theatre makers in South Africa,” says director Jake Nathane.

Another show we sponsored was the Bel Canto Cabaret, which was well received at the 13th annual Suidoosterfees in Cape Town. And keeping in the Afrikaans festival genre, CN&CO was involved in sponsoring Vallei van Woorde at this year’s Innibos Festival in Nelspruit.

We are also the official PR partner of this year’s Jozi Film Festival, which takes place in September.