Happy #TravelTuesday! If you didn’t know that it is a thing, now you know. #TravelTuesday is a fun international hashtag to celebrate all things travel. People share travel tips and photos of their travels. In that same spirit I am sharing some travel inspiration with you, courtesy of our partner Club Med and the Club Med blog.

Travel inspo: a snow holiday in the Asian mountains

When it comes to taking a snow holiday most of us think of the Alps as the first choice, right? While the Alps do offer magnificent snow holidays, don’t discount snow holidays in Asia. The skiing Chinese population is on the incline and Japan boasts amazing cultural attractions including an ice festival.

This Club Med blog shares seven great reasons to spend your next snow holiday in China or Japan. There are some amazing cultural experiences in both countries making your snow holiday a great cultural exploration, too.

Hokkaido in Japan is the home of the Sapporo Snow and Ice festival and the Blue Pond – two incredible Japanese attractions. At the Snow and Ice festival you can enjoy chilly attractions including ice sculptures and frozen stages. On a snow holiday in Japan you can learn to ski, enjoy some hot sake, and learn more about this fascinating country, her traditions, and her people.

Some argue that China is the birthplace of skiing. So, why shouldn’t you learn to ski or perfect your ski skills in the birthplace of the sport? Plus, you’ll get to enjoy real Chinese food and see places like the Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo in Jilin Province.

Did we mention the sacred mountains in Japan and China? Japan is home to Mount Fuji! What’s not to love?

Travel tips: where to golf in Mauritius

This blog takes a closer look at golf in Mauritius and focuses on two of the many courses the island has to offer. Our Kurt has golfed in Mauritius and he loved it! From the 18-hole, championship course at Tamarina to the Peter Matkovich-designed Mont Choisy Le Golf – the courses here are outstanding!

Plus, with Club Med you can book your accommodation and let the golf team help you book your tee times, carts, and everything else! On other days you can stay at the resort and work on your skills under the guidance of one of the golf instructors at the Club Med golf school or just chillax by the beach or pool.

Golfing with Club Med in Mauritius

Six reasons to visit Cefalù in Italy

For me the only reason I need to visit Cefalù is this: it’s beautiful! There are, of course, many other reasons and if you need more this blog shares just six of those.

Just imagine yourself looking out over jewel-coloured waters as you sip some divine Italian wine after a decadent Italian lunch. If wine is not your thing, how about enjoying a creamy full-flavoured gelato instead? Sounds good, right?

From a cultural perspective you can rent a Fiat500 and drive to the capital Palermo or drive to the famous Corleone village – the home of the Godfather. It’s also wine country so maybe take a designated driver with you so you can enjoy wine o’clock.

Also, did I mention that it’s ITALY! If you’re into luxury, the Club Med village here is definitely for you. It’s top-end with a special menu by the highly-revered Italian chef Andrea Berton, stay in a luxurious villeta, and more.

Inside a viletta at Club Med Cefalù, Italy
Inside a viletta at Club Med Cefalù, Italy

Why buy your ski gear locally?

Club Med shared this great guest blog by Gone Skiing – the technical ski shop located in Fourways. By buying locally you can avoid higher costs, get gear that fits you properly, and you’ll have quality gear for your future snow holidays.

The blog also shares the must-buy items you’ll need for your trip. Whether you’re a first-time skier or snowboarder or a seasoned professional, you’ll find something useful in this blog.

How to book

Whichever of these amazing holidays you choose, rest-assured that your package price with Club Med includes food, drinks, accommodation, in-resort activities, after-parties, and more. Once you’ve paid for your holiday you just need to pack, travel, and enjoy!

Contact a Club Med sun or snow specialist today to book your holiday…you can tell them we sent you.

Check out the Club Med blog for more travel inspo.