TED Talks: we all love ’em, watch ’em, write about ’em, and talk about ’em. However, I find that sometimes I have all these talks lined up but I just can’t seem to sit down and watch all of them. Enter, the TED Talks Daily podcast.

I’m new to podcasts (I have been happily listening to them for a few months now) and one of my first subscriptions was to TED Talks Daily. As the name says, you get daily TED Talks delivered to wherever you listen to podcasts. I found it most useful while I was in the UK and had some long commutes involving various types of public transport and various walking distances.

I especially love the podcasts because you can listen to them while doing things: taking public transport, running, cycling, walking, driving etc. I have found that I now listen to more TED Talks than I did before and it has been so enriching. Yes, part of the appeal of the TED Talk is watching the video – the solution to this is that if you loved the talk and want to see the video you can go and find it and listen to a talk you loved again. Win-win!

Some recent TED Talk Daily podcasts that I have really enjoyed are below. These links are to the videos but you can search the names wherever you get your podcasts and you will find them under TED Talks Daily:

The TED team also offers other podcasts such as TED en Español, the TED Radio Hour, and the TED Interview. It’s all such good listening! Learn more about the TED podcasts here.

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