I am constantly on the lookout for new things, eager to learn, not very good at “no”, don’t really like sitting still and enjoy a challenge. Podcasts are changing the way we engage content, they are growing rapidly and they provide us with an opportunity to learn/hear from people’s perspectives who we may never meet in our lives.

First up this week is a podcast about future. It offers a perspective on how the next ten years are going to play out and the role that technology is going to have during this time… Mark thinks that we will end up spending less time on our smart phones.

The Future with Mark Pesce 

The second podcast features an insight into category design. It is a podcast that will certainly talk more to the marketing audience, but some of the lessons that Jennifer Johnson shares can be applied more broadly to the way that we conduct ourselves in business partnerships. She was a start-up advisor at Play Bigger, a book that I can’t wait to read as is currently on order.

Mastering Category Design with Jennifer Johnson

The third podcast is series titled Tech & Society. Its hosted by Marc Zuckerberg, a tech tycoon and founder of Facebook. I came across this podcast just after it launched in April, thanks to a friend who I was at school with. One of the reasons that I am excited about listening to this podcast series is because it offers an opportunity to explore some of the thoughts that Facebook’s founder is having around the future and the direction this global platform is taking.

Tech and law with Harvard Professor Jonathan Zittrain

The fourth and final podcast for this week’s podcast debrief features the story of an African fintech venture, Yoco. The podcast is part of RMB’s Solutionist Podcast Series and in this episode Bruce Whitfield chats to Katlego Maphai who is one of the four co-founders of Yoco.

RMB Solutionist Podcast Series—Yoco: Small business’ saving grace.

That’s a wrap for this week, if you listen to any of them and have views to share please do. We can all learn A LOT from those around us.

If you have any podcasts that you would like me to feature or think that we should listen to, please drop me an email joshua@cnandco.com.

Have an awesome week.