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COVER Magazine

  • Hollard and Lumkani help Masiphumelele residents bounce back after blaze
    Of all of the risks that come with living in informal settlements, fire is the most devastating. But for 28 householders in Masiphumelele, Cape Town, who lost everything in a fire that swept through the area on 29 July, innovative protection including insurance cover underwritten by Hollard Insure is assisting them to get their lives back. Read more
  • MiWay Insurance scoops premier Ask Afrika Icon Brands Survey award
    MiWay Insurance has been named SA’s best provider of Auto/Car Insurance in this year’s Ask Afrika Icon Brands Survey – an accolade that acknowledges MiWay’s iconic brand status in the SA insurance sector. Read more
  • Technology Evolution Impacting Insurance Sector
    Anton Keet, Head of Risk Services at 1Life talks about the positive impact AI and Robotic Process Automation has had on their business. Read more

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FA news

  • Will this be the solution?
    On 16 August, President Cyril Ramaphosa signed in the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Bill which will impose strict rules on motorists and a strict punitive system should they fail to comply with the rules. While AARTO may improve the safety on our roads when you look at it on paper, we all know that the reality is a different story. What impact will AARTO have on the insurance industry? FAnews spoke to Danny Joffe, Head of Legal at Hollard, to discuss this. Read more
  • Is there a storm brewing in the DFM market?
    Regulation has introduced a lot of change into the financial services industry. With this change comes disruption, something that financial advisers are not always comfortable with or happy about. Read more

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FIA Week@AGlance

  • The Collaborative Exchange has published South Africa’s first independant platform survey
    The FIA has arranged to offer the Collaborative Exchange’s 2018 South African Platform Survey to all FIA members for free. This has been made possible by contributions from several members, including amongst others, MitonOptimal and Wealth Associates. Read more
  • Remote-jamming, don’t become a statistic
    The ever-present warning signs of remote-jamming at shopping malls, petrol stations and roadside stalls is a constant reminder of the very real threat of crime in South Africa. Perpetrators of car break-ins are rarely caught, making it one of the most common crimes in the country. Read more
  • Tools for progress – FIA Insight August 2019 is out
    The latest issue of the FIA Insights magazine hits the shelves this week. Entitled, Tools for progress, the magazine if filled with articles from industry leaders. Read more

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