At CN&CO we are all about making magic and connections. 2+2 should equal 22, at least. This means that besides delivering great service to our partners, we make sure that we connect our partners with other cool people so they can make magic, too.

The latest FIA Insight magazine is a great example of this. The magazine is out and when you pick up your copy you will see great content, much of which was shared by our partners. One of our newest partners is XonRisk, an intermediary business focused on supporting SMEs, start ups, and the entrepreneurs that drive them. Thus, it suits that the article by XonRisk MD Noxolo Dlamini is about just that. The article outlines the current climate, insurance as a vital component of risk management, and the hope for the economy that is provided by entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurship, as a factor of production, remains vital for economic growth. However, South Africa’s survival rates for new enterprises continue to be precariously low. There are many reasons attributed to this, but we believe that a low resilience to risk is a highly overlooked one”, writes Nox.

Furthermore, business owners tend to spread themselves too thin and this can be at the peril of the company, she adds. This is where risk management comes in. The article asserts the necessity of small businesses and entrepreneurs to growing the economy.

XonRisk is “dedicated to helping build the prosperous country we all wish to see and live in,” writes Nox. As XonRisk is dedicated to supporting small businesses and the entrepreneurs that drive that drive them, XonRisk provides the right solutions for these businesses.

“We started XonRisk because we believe in small businesses and the entrepreneurs that drive them; we have uniquely positioned ourselves to help them with their insurance needs.” she concludes.

Pick up your copy of the latest FIA Insight magazine to read this and other great stories.