Winter is Snow Joke.

Winter kicked off with a bang or should I say snow and I was beyond excited for a snow adventure, as I spent the next few days in my house with my heater on (the irony) planning a snow hunting adventure, I found myself worried sick about the homeless people and millions of South Africans living in shacks.

One evening I walked out my gate and found a gentleman digging through the recycling bin looking for food and using plastic to wrap himself in for warmth. I ran inside grabbing bread, some tinned food and fruit to give to him. He looked shocked and speechless, as I walked away I asked what his name was and if he is OK. He responded, do you have shoes, my soles are broken and my feet are cold and sore. I walked back inside picking up a pair of new shoes I was testing for K-Way and an old sports jacket. We sat outside on the pavement while he tried the shoes on. Suddenly he jumped up, they fit, they fit, the tears started rolling down his face and we both skipped around in the road laughing and celebrating. It was such a beautiful moment, a moment of connection and humanity.

I have no idea what this meant to him or how desperate he was but I do know that many of us are in a position to do the same for someone in need.

I started a Winter Drive campaign on @Brownie Points, a website connecting people and companies to good deeds. Collecting warm blankets and clothes to distribute to those in need.

Currently we have 9 drop off points in Cape Town supporting a feeding program called Ladles of Love and the Haven Night Shelters have committed to joining the campaign offering their 15 night shelters as drop off points that support the homeless and hopefully with your help we can take this around the country.

If you know of an organisation wanting to keep a community warm this winter. Invite them to create a cause here. It’s free and they can set a target and track engagement.

I would like to encourage everyone to clean out those cupboards and find any warm clothes and blankets that you not using and gift it to someone in need and if you don’t know who to gift it too, find a drop off point close to you on Brownie Points.

Together we can make winter a little warmer for thousands of South Africans.

Find a Winter Drive drop off point near you.