Our friend Cay-Low Mbedzi, financial literacy fanatic (and we say that with love!) and now also content guru at one of our founding clients, EasyEquities, has just released his #6MonthsRiskChallenge for 2022. With the challenge having spread like wildfire (across Africa!) there is much excitement for the coming year. Read what Cay-Low has to say:

After twelve months of volatility introduced by the unprecedented pandemic,  small caps have come out to be the winners for the year, outperforming all other sizes! Size does matter, after all!

Graphic from @CapitalSigmaza

Through the 6MonthsRiskChallenge, investors invested from as little as R100 per month in any company selling its shares below R5.

Rewarding? Definitely! Participants of the challenge have seen share price surge by over 100%, some reaching as high as over 600% – with five lucky INVSTRs walking away with R1000 each. The #6MonthsRiskChallenge competition winners for 2021 are:

Thembi Chauke 🏆

Karabo Motshwane 🏆

Phemelelo Tau 🏆

Seagego Clerance 🏆

Khanya Nobumba 🏆

Congratulations! And a reminder to us all, that despite risks, Loss is limited to 100% while growth is limitless. 🔥

Some of the top performing stocks that have surged by over +100% during the year include

ArcelorMittal SA Limited

PPC Limited

Ellies Holdings Limited

Purple Group Limited

For the 2022, challenge, all info is on our website #6MonthsRiskChallenge and we will keep you updated on all new information there. A quick summary:


As a continuation from last year, investors will learn consistency while being exposed to the stock market’s volatility – from as little as R100 in ZAR or $10 in USD/AUD. Participants invest in any company trading below R5/$5 for six months.

Monthly investment should be constant for six months. Simply put – R100 for six months in ZAR or $10 in USD/AUD for six months is the minimum we will all be aiming for.

Maximising investing while spending

Using the 1-for-2 money rule, participants learn the discipline of not spending (on WANTS) what you can’t invest double of – this excludes necessities.

Monthly investment is dependent on the value spent on WANTS for six months.

Since the challenge is moving into international markets like the Australian market, companies trading below $5 may include mining companies (considered explorers). These companies may expose investors to the volatility of commodities such as:

Gold, Uranium, Diamond, Nickle, Graphite, Lithium and many more.

For the coming period, the challenge will be giving out R5 000 each to five lucky (smart and discplined!) investors 🔥

All you have to do is make sure that you have your EasyEquities account activated and start your journey 📚

To be part of the R5 000 competition, please send your name and surname, EE account number, phone number, and email address to caylowraphael@gmail.com.

Learning how to budget, to spend wisely and to be able to be consistent with your investing habits may result in greater rewards in the future.

First #6MonthsRiskChallenge: 1 January 2022 to 30 June 2022

Second #6MonthsRiskChallenge: 1 July 2022 to 10 December 2022

Good luck to Cay-Low and all the penny stock investors out there! – and for more info on how to buy shares, check out https://blogs.easyequities.co.za/how-to-buy-shares.