By Josh Nuttall, Purple Group

A mile (or 1.6 kilometres if you prefer) is an achievable distance for anyone to run. Whether you are a fitness bunny, a weekend warrior, or just getting started in you fitness routine, you should definitely give it a go! The beauty of the mile is that it is for everyone, really.

Running is a quick, easy and fun form of exercise. You decide whether you sprint or take it an easy jog. There might be a bit of peer pressure though and this may make you run a bit faster than you intend to and leave you out of breath once you cross the finish line.

On Wednesday, 11 November 2015, the Born 2 Run running club held an information evening at the Higher Ground restaurant at St Stithians College, where they discussed the Puma Run-a-Mile series.PUMA-Run-a-Mile-Series-620x350

Purple Group, a proud sponsor of the series, spoke about its DIY investment platform EasyEquities to the members as an investment portal that’s “easy, cheap, fun and for everyone, just like running!”

Born2Run chairman David Ashworth motivated and challenged us all – beginner, intermediate and elite athletes – to get involved and bring back the mile. Have you seen the first four minute mile? An achievement that changed the running world.

Puma Run-a-Mile is a national series. If you are in East London, Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg on a day that coincides with one of the events (see details below), feel free to pop in. Be sure to pack your running shoes!

A sub four-minute mile is an aspiration for many a runner. However, if you don’t quite have those aspirations… we asked whether the Puma Run-a-Mile series has ‘fun’ or ‘less competitive’ side to it? (A bit of a silly question, really, because Born2Run is a club that caters for all runners. To use a cliché, “it’s one big, happy family”.)

The series has a number of categories. For competitive racing snakes, there are categories separated by age group. Some very fast times were recorded by several youngsters at last year’s event. There are also team entries, so if you and three mates think a collective effort is better than a solo one, then this is perfect for you. For the less competitive runner like myself, I invite you to pop a team together and enter the corporate challenge.

There is also a category for the kids to get involved in the action. You never know, we might just find South Africa’s next big athletics star!

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What’s left for you to do? Just get off the couch. Winter is long gone! Submit an entry to the Puma Run-a-Mile series and be part of the mile revolution that Born2Run is driving in South Africa.