YouTube Star, beauty guru and cake lover. Soph originally attracted a cult following for her skilled nail art videos. Now she’s known for her makeup tutorials, beauty hauls and fun-loving personality. Your go-to girl for beauty advice, remarkable eye makeup and informative beauty reviews – Revolution Beauty

Sophie, better known as ‘Soph does nails’ or simply ‘Soph’ has taken the makeup world by storm, collaborating with Makeup Revolution to design her very own range of bestselling makeup lines.

Sophie has become the go-to girl for beauty advice, makeup and beauty reviews. She gained prominence after posting her nail art videos on her Instagram account. She later started posting beauty and makeup related videos on her YouTube channel, which has over 500,000 subscribers. 

Revolution then approached Soph to collaborate with her. Some of the products that collaborated on are: The Soph eyeshadow palette; Soph Extra Spice Palette; Soph nude lipsticks and Soph highlighter palette, all of which are available at Clicks SA stores. The demand for SophX palettes has been tremendous with the ranges selling out at extremely fast rates.

Get your hands on your very own Soph products before it’s too late, we’re certain you’ll absolutely LOVE them!