The CN&CO team really are all over the place – geographically speaking, that is! It’s part of our lifestyle business approach: being able to work wherever we are and finding a balance that helps us and our partners to succeed in all areas of life. Today is Francois’ turn at the “Noon Blog”, so let’s check in and see what he and the rest of the CN&CO family are up to…

Noon… It’s a magical time of the day that has always fascinated me. It’s the time of day when the sun is at its highest and we find ourselves right smack in the middle of a 24 hour cycle that makes up a day. It’s also the time we find ourselves in a totally liminal space… We’re neither here nor there… Not in the past or even in the future… It’s just present. Enough hours have passed in the morning for you to make the plans to make things happen, and enough hours left in the day to possibly execute them. I always find myself in this liminal space of noon feeling motivated to make the remaining hours of the day count and make these the plans happen.

In working with the dynamic CN&CO team over the last year and a half, as well as engaging with this specific blog, it has always inspired me how they also make their day(s) count and make things happen at this exact moment of the day. That said, let’s have a look-see what this bomb team is up to…

Carel Nolte ‘klapping it‘ cap classique in Durbs at the Elite Broker Luncheon at Oyster Box.

Carel: “In KZN! I’ve just finished with my EasyEquities team mates Standwa, Lesedi and Barry chatting all things content with Alec Hogg and team from BizNews. Now off to a lunch at the Oyster Box with the Elite insurance team accompanied by my special mate Michele Katz from Jobs4Sure”

Coincidently, our cool cat compadre Kurt Solomon is also in KZN, making memories happen as he took a well deserved break with his family after one helluva year…

Kurt: “Currently on a week break with the family in Ballito. Having a bit of R&R and trying to get my Lebanese colour back. Suns out guns out boet! Then hopefully seeing my brother and Carel for a quick drink and catch up after a client function in Umhlanga later.

Our KZN Kween, Josie Dougall, had a well deserved family lunch after working all week (with me) to design mailers for Blue Recruiting.

Josie: “A very rare lunch date with my girls and Si who is working from home today.”

From Josie to Josh (back in JHB) he’s been doing the things connecting with clients and implementing some pretty rad initiatives.

Joshua: “Dropping down new Reverse Vending Machines in J’oburg with the crew from Imagined Earth at noon. Awesome to have partnered with Shell, visit their service stations in Parkhurst and Hyde Park to learn more. A quick break from virtual meetings, connecting dots and working on some mobile app launches in the coming week! Stay tuned :)”

Our “Rob-Star” is working on things that is way too complicated for my mind to comprehend… Or even explain… So I won’t try it here… But he’s keeping himself cool ‘n clever on this scorcher of a day…

Rob: “Nerding out on some SQL and Python projects for data analysis stuff. While slowly melting in the Gauteng heat in my oven-esque flat.

Like… What the buck??? No, this is not a work-selfie from one of our team members… My fav Mr. Ford is also keeping it chill and vibing in the bushveld on some well deserved down-time.

Colin: “We are in Mabalingwe taking a few days of bush time. This guy came to visit us this morning in our cottage.”

Second to last, we have Mr. Boom-Boom-Pow himself, Gianluca, who forgot to send me a photo as he was driving to see his gorgeous Mammmacita, so I totes forgive him… Luckily Insta-stalking is real so I stole this lovely pic of him and his mom. So glad she back safe and sound, G. WELCOME BACK IN SA Tannie-Gianluca-se-Ma 🇿🇦❤️

Gianluca: “On my way to see my Mom who has just landed from Italy. She has been there since early Jan 2020. #lockdownreunion.

Afternoon will see me focus on strategy for the Lilaq Health App.”

And then lastly we have us, the events team… Between Rikus Kok hosting a very fab luncheon in Durban for Elite, and Llewellyn and myself doing home renovations while on Zoom calls in the car and me designing for Blue Recruiting on the back seat… We were definitely making the MOST of the liminal hour.

Rikus, packing the FABULOUS gifts for all the attending brokers at the Elite Broker Luncheon.
[Side Note: I designed the artwork on the diffuser and the sparkling wine bottles #hitmeup].
That’s me… On the back seat… Doing what I do errrday… While Llewellyn is driving and on calls… On our way to look for the perfect kitchen tap #mamaraisednobasicbeesh

And that’s all folks. If you are still reading…Thanks for making it to this point… I hope you, like the enitre CN&CO team, made the most’est of you liminal hour and klapped it for the rest of the afternoon.

Stay safe. Stay sanitised. MASK UP. That’s all.

Lada ✌️