The CN&CO team really are all over the place – geographically speaking, that is! It’s part of our lifestyle business approach: being able to work wherever we are and finding a balance that helps us and our partners to succeed in all areas of life. Here’s where we were at noon on Wednesday, 26 April 2023:

Blake (above left)

On the move between meetings in sunny Cape Town. Busy making sure all is in order for RMB SA National Champs regatta taking place at Roodeplaat this weekend. This is one of the five big South African regattas our clients RMB sponsor as part of their SA rowing sponsorship.

There’s lots of excitement for this regatta amongst the Masters as they prepare for the World Rowing Masters Regatta that will be hosted in SA for the first time in September.

Carel (above right)

With Purple results out, I’ve been up early and working late – with a Kentridge show and other social activities thrown in. So… going for an afternoon run to clear my head. 🏃

Colin (above left)

I have been working on a few client projects today, including an exciting video promo for Centriq, a media release for Gallagher Re and some editing for Global Choices. I’ve also spent some time this morning working on a new website for CN&CO! Watch this space, as they say.

At noon I took my “office mates” Cody and Logan outside for a wee and a little lie down in the glorious Highveld sun. I’m not saying who had the wee and who had the lie down. Suffice to say there’s no grass on my t-shirt.

Gianluca (above right)

Keshia and I were at Baba Tucci’s 34-week scan. Less than six weeks until we meet her ❤️

Josie (above left)

I was at The Pantry with my kids getting coffee and snacks.

Kate (above right)

Out to lunch… Catching up and networking with friends, all the while filling our tummies with far too delicious food!

Kurt (having a bad hair day?) (above left)

So, where was I at noon? Well, I was in the zone, getting sh!t done in my local Motherland! I have just finished some of my weekly broker catchups and calls, along with some brand admin work for Ami. With all the short weeks, I have some extra planning and admin to catch up on. Now, to tackle the rest of the day! 🙂 

Llewellyn (above right)

The great thing of being part of CN&CO and following the lifestyle business approach is, although most of the time we work weird and long hours, it is also great to make time to attend to general life matters… such as taking your dog for a quick mani at the vet 😂

(Sick) Rik (above left)

I am fighting my cold (which has LONG overstayed its welcome!) and finishing my ink link blog for April.

Stella (above right)

We’ve taken advantage of the public holidays and are on a mini-break at Sun City. Also celebrating my husband Fergus’s birthday!