As we head towards the end of June, our daylight hours grow longer and summer starts to appear on the (distant) horizon. But no matter how many hours of daylight we have each day, noon remains the middle. Using that fixed point, we asked our CN&CO team mates to fill us in as to what they were doing at noon on 26 June 2020.

It’s amazing to see the diverse things that people engage in under our lifestyle business model.

Gianluca: Looking ragged! Been a killer week but grateful for all that’s on the go. Currently working on a new Summercon development (The River Club) digital launch plan and testing a new app from an exciting healthcare client #Lilaq ❤️

Francois: Same thing I do everyday, pinky… try re-designin’ the world 🖌️

Rob (sporting his 1980s Magnum PI moustache – #forthefans): Just finished talking to about 80 high school kids for the St Alban’s virtual career day, elaborating on engineering and entrepreneurship as careers.

Llewellyn: The CN&CO Events team is doing great work with webinars for our clients and adding valuable content to the CN&CO Talks Youtube channel.

Kurt: At a very empty Lombard, just finished the second Lombard Partner Forum (which was another threat success) with the CN&CO events team.

Colin: About to head into an MS Teams meeting with Evalex, one of our founding clients, to discuss digital advertising for a new psychometric assessment product.

Blake: I was on my monthly rowing call with the RMB team. In the background of the picture you can see I’m busy sorting out of some warm clothes for the Brownie Points winter drive initiative.

Josh: It’s been an interesting and great Friday so far. Early run to start the day, love the freshness of the winter mornings. Locking in a few partner meetings for the start of next week with Imagined Earth, planning for CN&CO Talks and unpacking some thoughts around brand value. I also had a catch up with a mate and mentor this morning – discussing life and the changing globe we navigate. Now I am back behind my Mac, an afternoon of graft ahead – data, insights, writing, reading and more. (The screen shot is from my Zoom account. I wonder when Zoom will launch its own calendar or get bought out by one of the big software firms.)

Josie: Physio!! Put my back out from carrying kids and their million belongings!!

Carel: Changed from my study to my dining room for the morning – my dog is cold and sick so I’m keeping her company. I’m off to EasyEquities now for our staff mtg, which is virtual for most, but the brand team remains socially together and physically distanced as we host “What’s cooking at Easy” (Team mates sent in recipes – including KFC from Jono, cocktails from some and more traditional ones. Chatting launch of EasyProperties, EasyAustralia in July… and lots more.

Rikus: I took some time out today to help my brother reupholster his couches and add a few modern touches to his apartment. It was time for the ou tannie look to go!

Have a great weekend!

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