The CN&CO team really are all over the place – geographically speaking, that is! It’s part of our lifestyle business approach: being able to work wherever we are and finding a balance that helps us and our partners to succeed in all areas of life. Here’s where we were at noon on 30 September 2020. This month’s day was picked by Rob – here’s what he and the other CN&CO family were doing at noon.

Colin (some pearls of wisdom here)

OK, so not quite noon, but I will be on a call with a prospective new client at noon which is a boring noon story. So here’s something different:

Today I spent time thinking about the things that make me stress. I decided to do a little exercise to help put these things into perspective. I made a list. It has two columns – “Things that make me happy” and “Things that make me stress”. I made notes in each column, adding whether the thing in question is temporary or permanent.

The first column (so far – because I will keep adding to the list as the day progresses) is twice as long as the second column and all permanent. The second column is all either temporary, fixable, or cancelled out by something in the first column.

So my lesson to myself is to stop stressing about stuff that’s going to go away and start focusing on the happy stuff that’s here to stay. Give it a go and see where you end up.

Blake (Cape Town life)

Working from Deus Ex Machina in Hout Bay, eating delicious fresh croissants and catching up on emails and some month end reports. Admin is so much more fun with a fire place and good food and coffee.

Kurt (Always in a coffee shop)

Burnt face and all from the weekend. Working from the new Motherland in Linksfield. Catching up on some blogs, admin and unpacking a recent brand audit I had with one of my legend clients! Looking forward to the family weekend in Clarens – It may snow!

Josie (Durban life for the working mother of 3)

Working from home. Kids are on holiday. Preparing a press release for Blue Recruiting. Amazed at the incredible talent they have on their books and how valuable a newly qualified CA can be to most businesses. I was talking to my husband about the press release I was preparing last week and he has already interviewed two of the CA’s from Blue Recruiting’ online catalogue this week!

Penny (note the apron, wise words there)

Making sausage rolls!

Gianluca (adding to his upcoming model portfolio)

Working on a campaign and having interesting conversations for our client, Lilaq Technologies newly launched Lilaq Health App. Connecting trusted healthcare services to your home.

Llewellyn (creating events magic for so many clients)

Another busy day filled with webinars. The CN&CO Events team love assisting our clients from various industries to still connect with their clients and target markets, despite the social distancing measures currently in place. We thank all out clients for trusting us to take them on this digital journey and assist in growing their brands

Rikus (who may have been a bit late in his submission…)

Having a catch up with Penny!

Josh (looking super serious with the longest description to date)

Home Jerome for today:) 2020 has certainly taught us how to become well acquainted with our immediate surrounds. It’s Tuesday today and I am grateful to have the time to spend some time behind my PC again. Not too many meetings planned for today, planning and thinking for things on the go.

Working with different clients is the life of a freelancer and one that has taught me an immense amount. Having the ability to zone in and out on specific projects needs to be learned. One of the areas that I find most interesting is the ability seemingly unrelated fields/ideas have to flow into one another, don’t write something off because it doesn’t make sense at the first glance…

Carel (the classic camera stare-down)

After a lekker morning run (got to lose lots of weight!) I had a few meetings at Saints (over coffee at the Seattle) and now catching up with a few team mates at EasyEquities. Loving views of Jozi and summer vibes.

Rob (somewhere in the Cape)

Spending some time with my parents, finally getting to scatter the ashes of my grandparents which we couldn’t do earlier this year due to the lockdown.