What happens when you take a series of whimsical ink drawings developed by one of the greatest art legends of all time, and turn them into a series of eccentric eyewear? Unique, unconventional and highly iconic pieces of fashion art. That’s exactly what THE ILLUSTRATED SERIES by Retrosuperfuture is all about.

The collaboration between Retrosuperfuture and the Andy Warhol Foundation saw Retrosuperfuture’s creative team identifying a series of whimsical ink drawings developed by Warhol during his early career as a famed commercial illustrator – transforming them into a unique series of eccentric eyewear. Originally created by Andy Warhol in 1957 for a newspaper feature on women’s eyewear, the drawings are characterised by classy female figures wearing sassy and mysterious 50s-style sunglasses. Interpreting Warhol’s original creations, Retrosuperfuture®’s designers have decided to experiment with materials, shapes and production techniques in their well known, avant-garde style, for a unique, collectable yet wearable collection. The result of their extensive research is a series of four different silhouettes that embody Andy Warhol’s witty visual flair. The four designs named Babybaby, Nicolou, Velvetdarling and Ultracandy are all utterly unconventional, ironic, yet highly iconic pieces of eyewear.

The range of sunglasses, which are limited edition with only 12 pairs available in South Africa, was launched at the Hazard Gallery at Arts on Main in Maboneng on Thursday 30 July 2015. CN&CO and urban espresso worked directly with the Retrosuperfuture team in SA on the launch event and PR, to ensure this iconic range in SA got the welcome it deserved into the SA market. Guests were welcomed with a chilled glass of Morena Brut, where they mingled with the brand and likeminded guests, and wondered around the gallery taking in the fashion art.

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Andy Warhol SUPER sketch