COVID-19 is having an impact on all areas of lives, it is forcing us to think differently to adapt and requiring businesses to thinking deeply at a strategic level about the future to navigate the current environment.

“We are facing the largest health and economic crises of our generation. The economic thinking needed to navigate it is unprecedented”. As Stuart Theobald, Chairman of Intellidex, wrote in a column earlier this month, “it has elements of every crisis of the last century.”

Intellidex was founded in 2008 with an ambition to improve investor insight into Africa’s capital markets. It began by providing equities research on South African and other sub-Saharan African markets as well as bespoke research projects related to African investment markets and opportunities. It also launched several investment-focused publications undertaken in partnership with major publishing houses.

In 2009 the Intellidex team started providing research and consulting services to financial institutions directly, particularly in the banking sector. This has evolved into a specialised market research capability and a financial services strategy consulting service through which the orgaisation supports banks and other providers to develop their businesses. From its South African base, Intellidex opened an office in London in 2010 and another in Boston in 2018. Today Intellidex services a world-wide client base of blue-chip investors, banks and other companies.

Our Carel Nolte went to school with Stuart Theobald at St Stithians College in Johannesburg. Carel regards Stuart as one of the smartest people he knows – a brilliant journalist and thinker. We ourselves and a few of our clients have worked with Intellidex through the years; the company consistently provides valuable insight and expertise to help navigate the changing landscape.

The team at Intellidex has been working hard with many of their clients to understand the impact of COVID-19 and help develop strategic responses – interpreting the effects and modelling the impact on the economy and financial system.

Stuart developed a proposal for the R200bn bank guarantee scheme that he presented to National Treasury and the presidency, which informed the scheme announced by the president (view the proposal here). Together with the Intellidex team, he is also working on innovative financing options for the fight against the crisis to access new sources of funding to ensure the country has the resources needed for both the health and economic battles.

Intellidex COVID-19 insights

Intellidex invites you to join a special briefing on 28 April on the South African government’s R500bn economic stimulus package and the phased lockdown relief.

Register to attend here.

Intellidex’s latest newsletter from 24 April 2020 covered a number of topical and pressing current affairs directly related to the impact of COVID-19.

The coronavirus crisis has also exposed a longstanding problem of consumer savings in South Africa and many other countries around the world. Intellidex’s head of strategy research, Dr Graunt Kruger, discusses how banks are missing an opportunity to help people build financial resilience. Read the full article here.

One of the challenges in formulating the economic response has been the lack of real time data to understand just what the economic effects have been. Stuart Theobald offer an opinion on this, read more here.

The head of capital markets research at Intellidex, Peter Attard Montalto, is working with Business for South Africa to model the impact of the crisis on the macroeconomy and the effects of different macroeconomic policy options. Stuart and Peter are also working with the Covid-19 Economists Group to think through various potential policy responses in support of the presidency and Treasury.

All the articles mentioned in their latest update are also available on the insights page on the Intellidex website, a wealth of information and intelligent view points.

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