It is with great excitement that we welcome our new client, W12 Congress, into the CN&CO family.

W12 Congress is an international conference and expo that seeks to create the world’s first “Major City Best Practice Water Protocol” and strengthen the citizen-driven governance of alternative sustainable water solutions.
The water crisis is a global problem with 16 major cities around the world facing water shortages and potentially reaching day zero in less that 36 months in cities such as London, Tokyo, Miami, Istanbul and Moscow.

W12 Congress will be hosted in Cape Town from the 27 to 31 January 2020
bringing governments, business, environmentalists and academics from around the world to learn from Cape Town and to share new ideas, challenges and solutions to water security.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the congress key note speaker, whose career has taken him from a professional body builder to acting, film making, author, businessman, politician and now a climate change activist directing climate change documentaries. He is one of the co-founders R20 Regions of Climate Change, a global non-profit. CN&CO is proud to partner with W12 Congress with the goal to grow the brand through PR, media and partnerships, connecting people and businesses to mutually benefit from this successful event.

If you have a business or know of a business that should be part of this initiative, email Blake Dyason, CN&CO’s Cape Town representative.

The congress is filled with opportunities, from speaking and activations to
sponsorships. This is an opportunity to grow your business and be part of a
conference that will give millions of people access to clean water.

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