A great big CN&CO welcome to Brolink, Consort Technical Underwriters, Europ Assistance South Africa (EASA), Flex, the Financial Services Board (FSB), Oakhurst Insurance, the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) and Satrix – our newest clients.

  • Brolink is a short-term insurance administrator. Brolink uses technology to connect brokers to clients and insurers. Their reason for being is to make life for brokers more efficient, effective and profitable.
  • Consort Technical Underwriters is a specialist construction and engineering insurance underwriting manager.
  • Europ Assistance South Africa is a leading assisted-services company, providing roadside assistance, home assistance, health, medical and travel services, legal advice and a host of other related benefits.
  • Flex is a leading Samsung printer and copier super-dealer in South Africa.
  • The FSB is an independent institution that oversees the South African non-banking financial services industry in the public interest. Its mission is to regulate the financial sector, ensuring customers are treated fairly while also improving financial education and literacy throughout the country.
  • Oakhurst is a fully-fledged insurance company that offers car and home, business, life, taxi and pet cover. CN&CO is helping with social media and a few other marketing bits and pieces.
  • SAIA is the representative body of the short-term industry. It has 59 members, representing the overwhelming majority of SA’s short-term insurance companies. So far we have done a few bits of work on the SAIA annual review and provided event and PR content for the annual cocktail function after their 2017 AGM. We look forward to deepening and strengthening this relationship going forward.
  • Satrix is a pioneer on the South African index-tracking landscape.

“While most of these companies happen to operate in financial services, we are proud of the diversity of our client base,” says Carel. “As we keep adding new names to the list, our intention is to remain small and nimble. We call it building flex into our business.”

Thanks to our extensive networks in financial services, we are in a unique position to offer recruitment services for high-level positions in insurance and related companies.

“We have already made some top placements at a number of companies, and would be happy to hear from anyone in the industry who is looking for help on the recruitment front. Drop me an email with the details and let’s chat.”

A big thanks to our clients, old and new, for being awesome and adding enormously to all our lives in so many ways.