Vaserliposelect, Botulium Tocin Type A, Laser Liposculpting… ever heard these terms before? Well neither had we!

CN&CO is delighted to welcome a new partner into the family. We say family because we mean family. One of our founding principles is that we only work with people and organisations that share our values and with whom we can work to add value to their clients. JVA Medical Suites is an example of this type of organisation. I am especially delighted that I get to work with JVA as it is situated in my stomping ground – between where I live and work.

JVA Medical Suites believes prevention is better than cure with a its of their services focusing on preventative medicine. The JVA team’s primary focus is the well-being of clients. When asked what he is most passionate about, JVA founder Dr Jannes van Aswegen says, “My passion is people. Helping them in any way I can. Whether it is just feeling better or feeling better about themselves.”

The most evident focus of the business is its commitment to understanding its patients to ensure a tailored and personal experience, which is what makes JVA the leader of the pack when it comes to healthcare services. Having spent time with the team, I can attest to the fact that they really DO care.

JVA offers a variety of services and treatments, both for general healthcare and aesthetic medicine. It specialises in diagnostic medicine, botulinum toxin injections, intra-dermal fillers, weight loss (HCG injections), vaser liposculpting and more. From DermaPens, which are seen being used on many episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, to liquid facelifts and intra-dermal threading (not the same threading you get when you have your eyebrows shaped). There is no procedure too small for the JVA team, who is always on the ball when it comes to the latest trends in the medical and aesthetic spaces locally and internationally.

IV therapy has also become a very popular choice of treatment. JVA’s offering includes skin lightening, energy/mood, fertility, stress, recovery, sleep, memory, migraines, immune boosters (a major win as we head into winter) and even a detox/hangover IV for anyone who may have experienced a big night out on the Joburg town. Talk about having your every need covered!

Based in the medical centre in the heart of Melrose Arch, JVA Medical Suites is contracted into most medical aids. JVA prides itself in the fact that it accommodates all patients – the sick, as well as those just wanting to tailor their beauty.

Meet the team

Dr Jannes van Aswegen

Multi-talented and extremely qualified specialist by day and avid reader by night, Dr van Aswegen specialises in non-surgical and surgical aesthetic medicine. JVA Medical Suites was founded by Dr Jannes van Aswegen in 2016.

“Our philosophy is that beauty is in the eye of the person standing in front of the mirror. Self-confidence is the purest form of attraction. When you feel good about yourself, others feel good around you!” – Dr Jannes van Aswegen

Dr Henri Claasen

Dr Henri Claassen partnered with JVA Medical Suites to perform all surgical aesthetic procedures. With a speciality in surgical body sculpting. He has gained advanced expertise, training and accreditation in aesthetic skills under the mentorship of leading surgeons in the USA, Europe and South America.

Dr Roger Player

The newest addition to the JVA team is GP, Dr Roger Player. Player joined the JVA Medical Suites team at the end of last year and is the main morning doctor on duty.

With endless services from non-surgical procedures to minor surgeries – IV therapies, face, skin and body therapies, and high quality product offerings to GP services, the JVA medical team has it all.

Be sure to follow JVA on Instagram and Facebook and keep an eye out for it website, which is currently undergoing a facelift of its own!