We’re delighted to welcome Europ Assistance South Africa (EASA) as a client to our CN&CO world. EASA is part of a broader group with operations in 34 countries. Established in 1963, Europ Assistance is the leader in assisted services, providing value to more than 300-million clients across the globe.

Their universe of care services include home and family; automotive; health, medical, travel; and professional and outsourcing.

This is exciting news because it’s not only the EASA brand we are familiar with, but also some of the people, too. Christelle Colman (CEO) and Wynand Olivier (CFO) are good friends of the CN&CO team and are fortunate enough to share in our passions. In April 2017, we got to experience Paris with them and took part in and helped make a difference at the 2017 Paris Marathon. Running, work and travel, all things we love. With Christelle’s and Wynands passion to make a difference, we were able to raise close to R75000 for organ donation awareness.

Good CN&CO friend, Ntombi Langa-Royds, is also part of the Europ Assistance group where she serves as a non-executive board member.

CN&CO’s Gianluca Tucci says, “Being able to work with and help develop the Europ Assistance brand and business in South Africa is extremely exciting. Insurance and the people that make the industry are important to the CN&CO team, with a number of our clients operating in this space. The EASA services and value is also such a vital part of the industry and fundamental to ensuring South Africans are able to operate and go about their everyday business. EASA makes great things happen and has a strong interest in ensuring people are informed. Not only this, but it has a passion for making a difference and giving back. A great example was their contribution and services for the recent fires in Knysna.”

We look forward to starting this journey together with EASA. For more information check out the EASA website and Twitter channel.