Gabbi and Carel snap a selfie after bumping into each other on the slopes.

Gabbi and Carel snap a selfie after bumping into each other on the slopes.

In April this year, Carel and Gabbi spent a week at the Club Med Val Thorens Sensations resort. Skiing and snowboarding by day, and sipping Champagne, chilling out in jacuzzis, networking and doing business by night.

Epic, right?

Well, almost seven months to the day since our trip we have some really exciting news to share…

CN&CO has officially been appointed as Club Med South Africa’s PR agency!

We’ve been sitting on this news for the past week as we’ve been very hard at work mapping out the framework and (seriously cool) plans for the year ahead. The cat is officially out of the bag today, and below is a little more about the news.

A very big “welcome to the CN&CO family!” to Olivier, Lesego and the Club Med South Africa team!



Club Med South Africa appoints CN&CO to handle PR


Pioneer of all-inclusive holidays, Club Med South Africa, has announced the appointment of CN&CO as its PR agency. CN&CO, a lifestyle business, was one of four agencies requested to pitch for the account, and will now handle all PR and communication for the brand in South Africa.

The Club Med story began in 1950 from a revolutionary idea: to offer sporty and natural outdoor holidays in a relaxed and stylish ambience. Club Med’s famous concept of “all-inclusive” was shaped around guests’ happiness. It has earned Club Med several awards, including the Globe Travel Award – the travel industry equivalent of an Oscar. When Club Med refers to all-inclusive, they mean it. With all-day gourmet dining, premium beverages, and world-class sport and activities included in your booking, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting your wallet at home.

Those familiar with the Club Med brand and its all-inclusive offering know that a Club Med holiday is so much more than “just a holiday”. It’s an experience – which just so happens to take place against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Carel Nolte and Gabriella Brondani-Rego from CN&CO, who will be driving the Club Med PR account, are no strangers to the brand and the exceptional offering they provide. Both spent a week at Club Med’s Val Thorens Sensations resort in April this year where they skied and snowboarded by day, and networked and got business done by night – the beauty of a lifestyle business.

Carel notes that the passion and vision between CN&CO and Club Med could not be a better fit. “The nature of our lifestyle business means that our team are free to enjoy travel any time they please.  We work hard, and we work remotely. We travel as often as we can. There are so many benefits and values to travelling – be it to refresh and broaden the mind, rejuvenate the body, renew perspectives, engage with new people and learn about new cultures. These are all elements that form part of a Club Med holiday – with the added benefit of ‘all-inclusive’ at all Club Med villages. Hassle free holidays to the max.”

Gabriella, who has been on three snow holidays with Club Med and come to know the brand well, is looking forward to showing the rest of South Africa why a Club Med holiday is unlike any other.

“I’m a sucker for snowboarding and good coffee – and at a Club Med village, I get both, in abundance, without having to pay extra for it. It’s all included in the price I pay upfront. Club Med is a brand with a great track record of providing memorable holidays and experiences that are ‘not the usual’ – much like our approach to PR. We are very excited to work with the Club Med team and make some serious magic.”

With over 60 sun and ski resorts – which Club Med calls villages – the tour operator’s destination portfolio is unrivalled.

For those who enjoy winter sports and a snow-filled vacation, it doesn’t get better than Club Med’s snow holiday options. With 21 villages in the French Alps, three in the Italian Alps, two in the Swiss Alps, and one in Japan, skiers and snowboarders are spoilt for choice.

Sports lovers will be pleased to know that open air and sports are in Club Med’s DNA. You’ll be able to make the most of your holiday by taking up some new sports or perfecting your passion. Flying trapeze, scuba diving, rock climbing, Pilates, standup paddleboarding, golf and more. Choose from a wide selection of sporting activities supervised by Club Med’s experienced G.O’s and professional trainers. (The G.O or Gentil Organisateur is the Club Med employee. This name is a Club Med invention. It is unique. The G.O is the ambassador of the Club Med spirit and upholds the company’s 5 values: kindness, freedom, responsibility, pioneer, multiculturalism.)

Looking for a tranquil sun retreat? With villages in the Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Phuket, the Bahamas, Cancun and more, relaxation has never felt this good.

For families traveling with children, Club Med offers the best in all-inclusive kid- and baby-friendly vacations. Whether your child is four* months old or 17 years old, a Club Med village is the perfect spot for stimulation, exploration, self-expression and physical activity – all in the safest of environments. From the baby gym and creative workshops to the flying trapeze and hikes in nature, Club Med’s qualified G.O’s adapt to the rhythm and personality of your children to make their holiday magical.

The ambience at each of Club Med’s villages is what makes the brand so successful. It creates a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone who visits – the perfect mix of small details and freedom; warmth and discretion; elegance and spontaneity; intimacy and conviviality. Some people come to Club Med to meet people, others to relish time spent alone. If Club Med were a fashion style, it would be “casual chic”. The brand is characterised by this original mix.

Club Med’s smiling G.O’s are the ultimate personification of the brand. They bring the experience to life for guests, adding their own unique touch with every interaction.

In the words of Club Med’s founder, Gérard Blitz: “The goal in life is to be happy; the time to be happy is now, and the place to be happy is here!”

It’s as true today as ever. The most beautiful places on the planet, a thousand cultures to discover, the pleasure of being outdoors, the emotion of taste, and a sense of sharing: that’s the basis upon which each and every Club Med holiday is built. All-inclusive, of course.


* Kids Clubs dependent on resort.


For more information or to connect with Club Med South Africa online:



Carel and Gabbi at Club Med Val Thorens Sensations resort.

Carel and Gabbi at Club Med Val Thorens Sensations resort.

Our feature image shows the Club Med resort at Taba Sinai Bay in Egypt.