Huge congrats to Simon and Josie Dougall on the birth of their second child this morning, 5 March 2018. The newest member of the Dougall clan, Frances (a.k.a. Frankie), is little sister to the world-famous Grace – who was born exactly nine months after we formed the CN&CO partnership. (The pic above is of Simon, Grace and Josie)

“Family is everything to us at CN&CO and we’re delighted whenever a new member joins us,” says chief señor Carel Nolte. “Simon, Josie and Grace are entering an exciting, new chapter that will no doubt be full of joy and sleepless nights (like the old Etana days, but also completely the opposite). We wish them everything of the best.”

Josie is a prime example of the “new” way of working – what we call the lifestyle business. She’s an excellent mum, brilliant brand strategist, and full-time amazing human being. The flexibility of working from wherever she is allows her to be excellent at all of those things without stressing about office hours or performance reviews. With two beautiful daughters in the world and a bunch of happy clients (not to mention a happy husband), she can obviously perform!

“The lifestyle business model that we adopt at CN&CO has allowed me the freedom to work remotely and service clients from my home town of Durban, no matter where they’re based,” she said, soon after Grace was born.

Now with two little bundles of joy in her life (three if you count Simon), Josie will be taking a few months off from work to focus on her family. Team CN&CO will ensure that everything continues to run smoothly in her absence…

“… but we look forward to welcoming you back whenever you’re ready, Josie!” says Carel.