Time have just released an article that looks into the 25 outright-weirdest tech gadgets over the last years (decades). As a tech addict, I have to admit to owning one or two of these items. The fascinating thing is, even though they might not have ridden the mercurial trend wave, all or most of these item’s features have now transformed into apps or devices that we use in the modern age.

A calculator watch? A talking creature? Sunglasses with music? A mood ring? At their time they had people’s eyes raised and perhaps sceptical, but now accessing music on-the-go, a quick calculation, the sound of the ocean breeze or a game is common place and done with a few clicks. I think its brilliant how ideas from the past (whether they made it or not) have evolved and with innovation made their way into our lives.

There is no harm in trying and the more we try, the more we learn, uncovering endless possibilities for the future … Check out the piece by Time and see if it bring ups any old memories.