By Penny Hickinbotham

My neighbour Sean Cavé and his dog Zeus often go for walks in my complex – but in a unique way… Zeus pulls as Sean follows behind on his skateboard!

Sean got Zeus from Ark Animal Centre, a rescue centre, in 2018. Zeus’s mother was found under a cactus-type plant, which was full of spikes, with her 11 puppies! He is believed to be a Labrador/Great Dane cross.

Sean immediately went for Zeus and his sister took Zeus’s brother. They were six weeks old at the time. Zeus had to have a hernia op as a spike had penetrated his stomach, but he’s totally okay now.

He loves his walks and always runs ahead. He has a wonderful nature and even though he is so big, doesn’t ever go for other dogs that he passes on his walks.

Footnote: I wonder if Zeus would be an asset or a hindrance to CN&CO’s favourite Olympic skateboarder, Brandon Valjalo?!