With the rate of unemployed graduates, with youth unsure of which career paths to take, with no funds to further their studies or establish their own businesses, when given an opportunity such as this one – to intern at one of the fast growing businesses in SA – you consider yourself BLESSED!

CN&CO interns Ivana Andric and Neo Matsei

This dynamite is Neo Matsei, a marketing graduate and aspiring businesswoman. Like any other intern I am at CN&CO to seek experience, to find my way in the business world and to get my foot in the door. As most might know and as I’ve also learnt, a degree without experience might as well be considered a Ferrari without an engine.  Pretty, but not practical.

I come with a burning hunger to learn all the ropes in the company (and other industries that are clients of CN&CO) and acquire skills necessary to my career choice. With such a dynamic team, each individual with his/her own unique persona and experience, I believe the sky has no limit. While I take all of this in I hope to have the best time of my life and I also hope this experience can be one that ultimately leads to benefits both parties – myself and CN&CO through my valuable contribution.

Although it is nerve racking and intimidating (taking into consideration my lack of experience in the workspace) keeping a positive attitude is key – knowing that each day brings me closer to my goal – Hence ngiyavuka, ngigeze, ngizikape, ngibangene.