As one of the proud sponsors of the The Insurance Apprentice 2016, we’re delighted to see the enthusiasm, passion and energy expressed in the second instalment.¬†With over 110 applications for the The Insurance Apprentice submitted, the list has been trimmed down to the final 30.

Now the voting is open to decide who the final 8 will be. Each applicant has been required to upload a one minute selfie video expressing who they are, what they do and a motivation why they have what it takes to become the 2016 Insurance Apprentice.

Click here to check out each applicants video and vote for your final 8.

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Below is the latest announcement from the FANews team relating to the 2016 Insurance Apprentice:


In search of the final eight apprentices who will grace the industry with their presence early next year, The Insurance Apprentice 2016 elimination round got underway on 22 October at Innovation House.Sponsored by Price Forbes, the day was set with an undertone of fun and analytical thinking as Warren Bolttler, Chief Executive Officer and Greg Dillon, Executive: Business Development of Price Forbes, brought out a creative spark in the 30 contestants.With a bright bunch of mixed talent, the contestants, proving to be the best of the best, brought their A-game as they took part in some tasks and activities, which marks the tough road ahead in determining who the final eight will be.

Gathered and engaged

Starting off the day and joined by a panel of industry experts and the FAnews team, Bolttler and Dillon got the contestants out of their comfort zones with what many call an icebreaker.

In their ideal form, icebreakers get people talking with each other. Of course, it is not possible to appeal to all because what is comfortable for one, may not be comfortable for the other. With this, introductions were made, contestants got acquainted and so the proceedings for the day began. Gathered and engaged, the contestants huddled for their tasks which set the tone for the day.

The road ahead

With an intellectual day at play, we are once again reminded of the tough decision that lies ahead in terms of determining who the final eight will be.

Rianet Whitehead, Editor of FAnews said, “We have a long process ahead of us in determining who the final eight will be but the elimination round has brought us a bit closer to where we need to go. Thanks to the industry experts, your input is valued.” Whitehead wished to thank the panel members, Price Forbes and Innovation Group for their support and participation in the elimination round.

Bolttler said, “I’ve been fairly outspoken recently about the lack of young talent in the industry, and if we can’t entice or retain good young professionals in the insurance space, we are all going to have a big problem in a few years as the dominant players retire and move on. This initiative is perfectly positioned to create interest amongst young professionals.”

“Our involvement as the sponsor of the elimination day was to set the tasks, facilitate some of the icebreaking activities and in general be part of the fun. It’s really important for us to get to know some of these individuals,” he continued.

‘Lemme take a selfie’YOUR VOTES ARE NEEDED

To up the game this year, seeing as “selfie” is the buzz word these days, social media will be utilised to amp the competition as contestants set the scene to market and brand themselves.

This is where we need your help! What would you say if we told you that you could possibility see your favourite applicant make it to the final eight? Yes, that’s right! All you need to do is vote.

These 30 applicants have uploaded one to two minute selfie videos on The Insurance Apprentice website ( in which they tell you who they are, what they do and why they should be in the final eight. We need you to watch, spot and vote for your pick of the final eight. By voting, you are voting for your favorite eight apprentices you would like to make it into the final eight.

The final eight apprentices will be revealed on 16 November.

This year the official sponsors are AON, CN&CO, FNB Insurance Brokers, Hollard, Innovation Group, Inseta, Insure Group, Lloyds of London, Marsh Africa, MUA, Norton Rose Fulbright, Price Forbes, PWV Insurance Brokers and Stalker Hutchison Admiral (SHA). Sponsorships vary from programme sponsors to tasks, legal, venue and prize sponsors.

We would like to thank all the sponsors for their support for The Insurance Apprentice 2016.

Kind regards,

Myra Rego
FAnews Journalist
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