Technology has the ability to make things easier, more accessible and improve your experience as a customer. Evaluating your property should be as easy as hopping onto the internet, filling out your details and receiving a report, which details if your house/property is over- or undervalued.

Thanks to the evolution of data management and capturing this is quickly becoming a reality and one that can benefit you as a property owner.

Ensuring that your property is correctly valued by the municipality is important, because if your property is overvalued, it means that you may be paying higher rates and taxes than you should. ValueCheck provides you with a tool to check the value of property, you can then determine whether you wish to object the property valuation that the municipality has issued you with.

One of the services that ValueCheck provides is a detailed breakdown of how to object to an incorrect property evaluation by the municipality. ValueCheck does not provide advice on whether to submit an objection but suggests considering the following (among other things) before making your decision:

  1. How much will a lower valuation affect your rates and taxes?
  2. Is there a significant difference between your municipal value and your free market valuation? The lower the difference the less likely your objection will be successful. A difference of less than 10% is likely to be difficult to object to unless you have convincing evidence of a lower market value.
  3. If your property usage indicated by the municipality is different from its actual usage, you should consider objecting to ensure the right tariff is applied to your property value.

ValueCheck provides you with an objection motivation report, which you can use to support your objection to the municipality for the need to re-evaluate your property to ensure that you are paying corrects rates and taxes. The report is specifically designed to provide you with the information needed to increase the chances of a successful objection.

Property valuations and insights into how to rectify incorrect valuations should not be difficult. ValueCheck provides your municipal property valuation and gives you the information you need should you wish to follow the objection process.

At CN&CO we have the opportunity to work with a number of brands, people and industries. We are excited to be assisting the ValueCheck team with their PR as they launch their business.

Currently ValueCheck evaluations can only be completed if you have property in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg or Polokwane. The company is working on rolling out into other municipalities as soon as possible.

We will keep you up to date with developments.

Visit the ValueCheck website to get your property evaluated today.