Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) recently announced that its CEO, Michelle Constant, has resigned and will leave the organisation at the end of February 2019. CN&CO has strong ties with Michelle and BASA, which we have maintained over many years.

“I was fortunate enough to work with both Michelle and her predecessor, Nicola Danby, through my involvement in BASA,” says CN&CO’s Carel Nolte, who fulfils the HR and marketing functions on the BASA board.

Michelle expressed her deep appreciation for her time at BASA, but says she believes its time for an injection of new energy to take BASA forward. She is also keen to explore fresh frontiers.

“I have had an extraordinary 10 years at BASA and have truly grown to love the organisation,” she says. “During my decade at BASA, I have witnessed the difference it makes in the arts sector – not just in South Africa but on the continent, something that was gratifyingly apparent at my most recent presentations in Namibia and in Ethiopia at the African Union.

“I believe that, together with the Department of Arts & Culture, the board, a diverse team and various sectors including business and tourism, we have built up a healthy and vibrant organisation. I look forward to welcoming my successor to what is a truly meaningful and deeply rewarding position within the arts-business landscape.”

With Michelle’s departure comes the need to find a new BASA CEO.

“This position requires someone with huge drive and passion for both business and the arts,” says Carel. “We are looking for someone who is well connected in both worlds and who is willing – and able – to manage complex relationships between these two sectors as well as government.”

Check the BASA website for full details on the position and who to contact if you are interested in applying for the role.