CN&CO is a firm supporter of, and contributor to, the creative economy.

“A creative economy,” says Wikipedia, “is based on people’s use of their creative imagination to increase an idea’s value. John Howkins developed the concept in 2001 to describe economic systems where value is based on novel imaginative qualities rather than the traditional resources of land, labour and capital.

“Compared to creative industries, which are limited to specific sectors, the term is used to describe creativity throughout a whole economy.”

Creativity is born when we are faced with constraints and the global COVID-19 crisis is one of the biggest constraints that we have faced in our life time.

The RMB lights is just one of the amazing projects that RMB is involved in – and we are massive fans of all their work. CN&CO has been involved with RMB for a number of years working on the PR for the RMB National Squad, our national rowing team. We also follow their work with the creative economy closely – from the Turbine Art Fair to their sculptures around Merchant Place.

Lighting up the Sandton skyline in Johannesburg South Africa, RMB’s HQ illumination shared messages using the universal language of light. Iconic buildings offer cost-effective billboards and through digital media we are able to share the messages that they craft.

Here’s a recap of the different versions of the RMB Lights.

RMB shines a light on solutions for a courageous nation

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Celebrating Africa Day

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Partnerships, collaboration and creative thinking.

Partnerships, collaboration and creative thinking. #GoodBusinessBetterWorld

The latest message offered support to the frontline essential service workers and encourages all South Africans to think creatively as we build solutions for our future.

Thank you Rand Merchant Bank for a humble, simple message that solutions need us all and reminding us of the power of creativity. Solutions ignite optimism and inspire possibility. Solutions need us all and together, as South Africans we can built a better future.