Unilever have announced that they “are committing to halve our use of virgin plastic in our packaging, and to collect and process more plastic packaging than we sell by 2025”.

Alan Jope, the CEO of Unilever,  shares their vision “a world in which everyone works together to ensure that plastic stays in the economy and out of the environment. Our plastic is our responsibility and so we are committed to collecting back more than we sell, as part of our drive towards a circular economy. This is a daunting but exciting task which will help drive global demand for recycled plastic.”

Read the full announcement here.

Our plastic is our responsibility.

As more brands and businesses take a stance against the harm that the irresponsible disposal of plastic is having on the environment, it is going to be interesting to see the impact of a combined effort in addressing this challenge.

One of the businesses who is leading the change in South Africa is Imagined Earth who reward the public for recycling their packaging waste, through the use of reverse vending technology. Yes, you read that correctly. They provide a platform for users to be rewarded for recycling and have some exciting developments that I look forward to sharing with you.

We all have a role to play in our future and can learn a significant amount from the principles of the circular economy, so let’s stand up and work together.