Happy #TravelTuesday! If you didn’t know that it is a thing, now you know. #TravelTuesday is a fun international hashtag to celebrate all things travel. People share travel tips and photos of their travels. In that same spirit I am sharing some travel inspiration with you, courtesy of our partner Club Med and the Club Med blog.

This month we’re talking snow, family, Mauritius, food, and why others choose to travel with Club Med (and why you should, too).

We really love working with the Club Med and part of this work involves writing content for the Club Med blog. Read on for some great tips on what to ask when planning a snow holiday, why a snow holiday is great for families (courtesy of former Miss SA Jo-Ann Strauss), what Indonesian food our Gianluca really enjoys, and more.

Travel inspo: why a snow holiday is great for families

Businesswoman, mother, blogger, and former Miss South Africa Jo-Ann Strauss shares why she and her family just love taking snow holidays with Club Med. “You’re creating the most incredible memories and it’s an active holiday for your family,” she writes.

She shares a ton of reasons the holiday was ideal for them, including the fact that it was so easy to do, even with three small children including a baby! She says her three children loved their babysitters, learning to ski, and making new friends. She and her husband especially loved being able to spend time together on the slopes knowing their children were cared for.

If you’re a parent with three small children and you’re unsure about taking a snow holiday with your family? This is a must-read as it shows you that it can be done…and it can be fun!

Travel tips: things to ask when planning a snow holiday

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to be super organised and ready before you even book that snow holiday. This handy blog has tips on where to go when and what kind of questions you should be asking.

I think it’s helpful cause it answers things like what the altitude of a resort means, whether you should ski or snowboard, what a ski pass is, what else you can do besides skiing or snowboarding, and more. It’s really helpful especially if you’ve never taken a snow holiday before.

If you’ve taken a snow holiday before, you’ll value the tips on where to go when if you want to try something different to your usual snow escape.

Food in Indonesia
Yummy! A delicious Indonesian meal served at Club Med Bintan Island

Reasons G.Ms love travelling with Club Med

Many of us at CN&CO are Club Med G.Ms (clients) and you can choose any one of our blogs about our various trips and you’ll see why we love travelling with Club Med. This Club Med blog includes recommendations from Club Med G.Ms (other than us) on what they love about travelling with Club Med.

If you’re travelling as a family, you’ll love this reason:

“The rooms are very thoughtfully put together. From bottle warmers, to step ups to the toilet… Some places say they are family-friendly but Club Med is beyond family-friendly – it is really about putting the family first.”

If you love active holidays, here’s a reason for you:

“Every Club Med I’ve been to has perfected the balance between slow and go. Relaxing at their villages is easy, but when you want something to do, there’s a near endless list of holiday activities available to you.”

…and something everyone says: the G.Os are awesome.

“A key element with Club Med that I’ve never experienced at another resort or hotel is the personal level of care and attention you get from the resort teams. The G.Os are so friendly and helpful and they love seeing you having the best holiday possible.” 

Brent and Elise Spilkin also enjoyed a family holiday in Mauritius with Club Med. We had previously shared Brent’s experiences on the Club Med blog and now Elise shares her experiences. She loved being able to really relax and switch off.

She writes: “There is something so endearing about not having to leave the Club Med village for anything at all. It means that you can truly ‘switch off’ from the outside world and its commitments, and enjoy the present moment.” 

Gianluca’s favourite Indonesian food

Our resident Italian loves a good meal and a good holiday. In Indonesia he was able to enjoy a holiday and some tasty meals. He wrote this blog about some of his favourite things to eat in Indonesia.

“The beauty about food is that when you experience different kinds of it in different places, it becomes a symbol of that place and a delicious memory of an experience,” he writes. Nasi Goreng is one of those dishes that symbolises Bintan Island for him. What is it you, ask? Read on.

While we’re at it, I wrote this blog about a day trip we took while in Indonesia and I echo Gianluca’s feelings about the delicious food we enjoyed at a fish braai somewhere out on the South China Sea.

Read more blogs from our team about Bintan Island here.

Depicting a fish braai we enjoyed
Yum! We loved our fish braai while on Bintan Island.

How to book

Whichever of these amazing holidays you choose, rest-assured that your package price with Club Med includes food, drinks, accommodation, in-resort activities, after-parties, and more. Once you’ve paid for your holiday you just need to pack, travel, and enjoy!

Check out the Club Med blog for more travel inspo.

Contact a Club Med sun or snow specialist today to book your holiday…you can tell them we sent you.