Happy #TravelTuesday! If you didn’t know that it is a thing, now you know. #TravelTuesday is a fun international hashtag to celebrate all things travel. People share travel tips and photos of their travels. In that same spirit I am sharing some travel inspiration with you, courtesy of our partner Club Med and the Club Med blog.

We love working with Club Med and inviting more people to discover its all-inclusive holidays. What’s great is that the company boasts over 60 resorts all over the world and each one has an individual identity but sticks with the Club Med culture.

As part of our work managing Club Med Southern Africa’s PR and social media, we manage the blog site. We write these blogs and inspire people to travel…with Club Med. We believe in travel and doing it with Club Med can make it more affordable (as the packages include almost everything you need them to include) and also more fun.

So…. here’s some travel inspiration from the Club Med blog site.

Travel Inspo: A summer holiday in the Alps

As South Africans we know all about having fun in the warm summer sunshine. We head to the beach, we go mountain biking, we have picnics, and we do anything and everything to enjoy our time outside with our loved ones.

Now, would you associate a holiday to the Alps with summer sunshine? Of course, we know the European summer is lovely but we don’t always plan to visit the Alps in the summer because we prefer to see those majestic mountains covered in snow. Well, Club Med offers summer mountain holidays in the Alps and they are so much fun!

Enjoying a fresh cuppa in the French Alps in summer

In typical Club Med style, the holiday is all-inclusive. In the way that your snow holiday includes your ski or snowboard lessons along with ski passes, and much more, a summer mountain holiday includes mountain bikes and lessons, guided hikes, and… (you guessed it) more.

Picture this: views of lush greenery and epic peaks, the smell of fresh air, and you. Yes, this could be how you start every morning on your summer holiday in Europe’s most extensive mountain range ­– the Alps.

Want some specific tips of what you can do if you travel as a family, as a group of friends, or as a couple? Scroll to the section that interests you or relates to who you’ll be travelling with in this blog.

Travel Tips: A family snow holiday

Cristiana and her family tried a snow holiday for the first time earlier this year…and loved it! Now, it’s your turn. If you’re a first-timer or a hundredth-timer, a snow holiday is always amazing.

You could go skiing or snowboarding, take a Nordic walk, and just marvel at the snow. A few people say that skiing and snowboarding can be highly addictive – which is great because they are also really good for you. They provide a fun way to exercise while enjoying the snow.

Club Med makes the festive season really special for families with children

The Alps are Europe’s most extensive mountain range so you have plenty of options when it comes places to stay and even countries to visit. Each Alpine country has its own culture and so much for you to see and explore.

If you’re interested in the French Alps, the Italian Alps, or the Swiss Alps, this is the blog post for you. It shares some tips on what you can do on a snow holiday with Club Med and it includes a list with information on of some of the all-inclusive resorts in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Meetings and Events

At CN&CO work with a number of great businesses and the hardworking people that make those businesses a success. Hard work can be rewarded in a number of ways and one of those ways is by treating an employee or a top performer to a magical holiday. However, an incentive trip like this can get tricky to manage. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a holiday for an amazing destination that also includes the essentials (food, drinks, and activities) while staying in budget. As Club Med holidays are all inclusive, the finance team can find an amazing holiday resort that is within budget and will not require the prize winner or incentive recipient to take out extra money just so they can enjoy the destination.

All Club Med holidays include accommodation, food, drinks, in-resort activities, entertainment, and even after-parties for those who want to celebrate into the early hours of the morning.

Club Med has an experienced meetings and events team that can help you with all your MICE needs. How fun would it be to host a board meeting in the Alps? You could mix your strat planning with Alpine skiing. Or you could head to a tropical island and mix the strat planning with windsurfing. You can also book out a whole resort for a conference or event…

Enjoying water sports at Club Med Cancún Yucatán in Mexico

Whatever your choice, there are some great options for your incentives, events, conference, or meeting needs. See what’s available to you here.

Now that we’ve helped inspire you with some cool destinations and types of holidays, what is your next holiday? Where are you going, with whom?

I’m dreaming of a holiday to a tropical destination… somewhere warm with good food and fun things to do.