Happy #TravelTuesday! If you didn’t know that it is a thing, now you know. #TravelTuesday is a fun international hashtag to celebrate all things travel. People share travel tips and photos of their travels. In that same spirit I am sharing some travel inspiration with you, courtesy of our partner Club Med and the Club Med blog.

This month we’re talking Greece, snow holiday trends, NYC, the Dominican Republic, and tips on what to pack for your snow holiday.

Travel inspo: Greece

Ah, Greece! It is a wonderful collection of islands in the Aegean sea, each with their own unique vibe and attractions. Whichever island you choose in Greece you can enjoy great cuisine, amazing history, and awesome Greek culture. If you love the ancient history of Greece, you should definitely visit Olympia – home of the first Olympic games; explore Athens – home of the Acropolis which is a UNESCO World Heritage site; and get advice from the ancient Oracle at Delphi who was a trusted figure in Ancient Greece.

As for Greek food…this is a must-have or let me say “must-eat”. J From the old favourites we enjoy here in South Africa like souvlaki, keftedes, gyros, baklava, and loukoumades to new ones you can only enjoy in Greece like koulouris and Galaktoboureko. Gosh! Am I the only one whose mouth is watering?

Read all about what to see and do in Greece right here!

Travel tips: mixing a city break with a sun vaycay

From walking the streets of New York City to relaxing on the beaches of Punta Cana, Gianluca shares why mixing a city break with a sun vaycay is ideal. Besides the epic photographs, Gianluca writes about how you can mix up your holiday time and choose between chill time and active time. You can eat a delicious banana Nutella crêpe and play beach volleyball or go for a run. It’s called balance!

He describes his room at Club Med Punta Cana beautifully:

“Our room had its own villa-type setting with a large balcony, modern design, day and night bed to relax on, and even Bluetooth speakers that would connect to our phones and allow us to play music in our room while we got ready, relaxed, and even while we took showers.”

If this blog doesn’t have you wanting to visit Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, I don’t know what will.

Relaxing on an iconic curved palm tree in the Dominican Republic
Gianluca on an iconic palm tree at Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

Travel trends: French mountain holidays

France is a really popular destination for South Africans, with most of us visiting the Alps in winter for (drum roll, please) the winter sports. Buuuuuut if you love an active holiday France is also pretty cool in the summer. We recently worked with the Club Med team on a mountain report, supported by Atout France. The report looks at trends in French mountain holidays and why so many South Africans love the French Alps. Wellness is a big motivator for a French mountain holiday – whether that means an active holiday or a relaxed one. 

Cycling in the French Alps with Club Med
Cycling in the French Alps with Club Med

In this blog we share some top tips on making the most of your time in France with a stopover in Paris. Why a Paris stopover? Stopping at the Louvre for that iconic Insta-photo outside, viewing Paris from the Eiffel Tower, and strutting your stuff on the Champs-Élysées are just some of the awesome things you can do in Paris.

After living your best Parisian life, head to the Alps to cycle or hike epic mountain trails, visit charming French villages, eat French mountain food, go acrobranching, and more.

“For the climate sensitive, when it is hot everywhere else it is always cooler higher in the mountains! Mountain travel is literally a breath of fresh air, in summer or winter and great for family vacations,” says Hélène Bezuidenhoudt of Atout France, the French tourism development agency.

Read more here.

Read the full mountain report here.


Everything you need to know when planning that snow holiday

Being ready and dressed for winter in South Africa is not the same as being dressed and ready for a winter in the snow. So, if you’re planning a winter mountain holiday you should check out this blog. It has useful insider tips on what to pack from socks to beanies, courtesy of Gone Skiing – SA’s largest technical skiing shop.

How to book

Whichever of these amazing holidays you choose, rest-assured that your package price with Club Med includes food, drinks, accommodation, in-resort activities, after-parties, and more. Once you’ve paid for your holiday you just need to pack, travel, and enjoy!

Check out the Club Med blog for more travel inspo.

Contact a Club Med sun or snow specialist today to book your holiday…you can tell them we sent you.