In that same spirit I am sharing some travel inspiration with you, courtesy of our partner Club Med and the Club Med blog.

Travel inspo: the Maldives

The Maldives are like paradise – the country it is made up of beautiful atolls located in the warm Indian Ocean. We’ve all seen those incredibly luxurious overwater villas and imagined ourselves enjoying our own private access into the sea… you know, these villas:

Enjoying a drink and epic views from a private Club Med villa in the Maldives

But luxurious villas are not the Maldives’ only attraction and that’s exactly what this blog highlights. It includes diving with hammerhead sharks at the well-known Hammerhead Point.

If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll love that the rich cultural diversity of the Maldives has found its way into the local cuisine. Coconut and fish are flavours you will taste often in main meals and snacks like Masroshi – a Maldivian snack made with tuna, coconut, and dough.

Travel tips: how to get the best rates

Travel is amazing and as you start to travel you may find you keep wanting to travel. So, travel moves from being a “once-off” thing to a regular occurrence. This has financial implications and so it helps to know some ways of making sure you get the best rates and the best value for money.

This blog shares just the tips you need including why choosing an all-inclusive holiday is the best for your pocket and for getting maximum value. It’s also helpful to choose destinations that are visa-free for South Africans because you save on the costs and time involved in getting a visa.

In fact, Club Med is currently running a 7-day flash sale where you can take a holiday starting from R12 000* and children under the age of 12 stay for free. Check it out here. *Ts&Cs apply

Gianluca’s ten tips for a memorable snow holiday

This month our MD Gianluca Tucci was featured on the blog. Gianluca is a big fan of Club Med and he often talks about his snow holiday in the French Alps. From what to look out for when you’re in the Alps to what you should pack before you get there, his blog is filled with great advice.


Mauritius is a popular destination for South Africans…and with good reason. One of the blogs Club Med shared recently is by Brent Spilkin who shares why he found his Club Med holiday perfect for him (a vegetarian), his wife, and their toddler daughter. It’s worth a read if you’re looking for a child-friendly holiday.

Carel in Mauritius for the relaunch of a Club Med resort

Our chief señor Carel Nolte was also in Mauritius recently where he was able to experience both Club Med La Plantation d’Albion (which he visited last year around the same time) and Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers (which has been refurbished recently). He attended the global relaunch of the resort and got to mingle with media, Club Med influencers, and dignitaries like the Club Med president, the deputy prime minister of Mauritius, and the French ambassador to Mauritius. Read all about it (and catch a video of Siba helping her youngest daughter (with cute chubby little legs) explore the water) in this blog.

Read all about it – and catch a video of Siba helping her youngest daughter (with cute chubby little legs) explore the water – in this blog.

How to book

Whichever of these amazing locations you choose, rest-assured that your package price with Club Med includes food, drinks, accommodation, in-resort activities, after-parties, and more. Once you’ve paid for your holiday you just need to pack, travel, and enjoy!

Contact a Club Med sun or snow specialist today to book your holiday…you can tell them we sent you.

Check out the Club Med blog for more travel inspo.