The CN&CO team, partners and friends most certainly have one thing in common – keeping fit and active. Be it running, cycling, playing golf or soccer, daily gym visits or the occasional boxing or a high intensity training session, leading a healthy, active life has always been a priority.

In life and in fitness, discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it. Fitness isn’t a seasonal hobby, it is a lifestyle and there is no better feeling then that of being active, fit and strong.

Earlier this year Rob and Carel travelled to Maranello for the Ferrari experience, where they met Lanz and Nicole, better known as the magic behind ShredBetty’s. ShredBetty’s was founded by female riders for female riders, with a vision to create an all girls “dream” boarding, biking and lifestyle programme.

Having chatted to the inspiring and energetic girls around a potential collaboration with Plantronics SA and their fitness series of headsets, Plantronics SA have kitted the Shredbetty’s team out, it was also through this relationship that we were introduced to Mandy, the creative mind behind the Base Fit gym concept.

“Base Fit specializes in effective sport fitness programs that deliver RESULTS!!! Base Fit training is sport and goal specific focused on building athletes, with a specific focus on dirt bike riders.  Our approach is intensive and result driven with variable training levels to suit all levels of fitness. Our objectives are muscle strength, endurance, core stability, explosive power and as well as balance.”

The Base Fit gym’s offer specified programs for dirt bike riders that mimic riding scenarios in order to prepare riders for the toughest race circumstances that they may endure while riding on different tracks over the season. “Base Fit clients are prepped and ready for back to back days of gruelling riding, coming out on top both physically and mentally.” Base Fit training is part of the Shredbetty’s training regime – it is no wonder the women are some of the best female racers the country has seen!

“Understanding everything pertaining to the needs of dirt bike riders is imperative to maximising our clients power output, while giving them the stability to perform complex athletic movements over difficult terrain, which requires coordination, stability, and technical skill.”

As Base Fit believes: the more intense your sport.. the more important it is that your training matches.  Skill alone is not enough, it`s the detail of the training that gives you the edge. You can expect the following as a Base Fit athlete:

  • Delayed fatigue
  • Increased recovery
  • Powerful core strength
  • Improve bike control
  • Prolong mental concentration

“Base Fit is sport specific training created for all those seeking to improve sport performance and get results.  Base Fit’s training philosophy is designed around strength endurance, explosive power and core stability aimed at the weekend warrior as well as professional athletes.”

With over 10 gym’s nationwide there is a gym for everyone.

We strongly encourage all the fitspo’s in our network to get involved and get active by paying the Base Fit gyms in your area a visit.

Keep an eye out for some exciting collaborations with Plantronics SA, Base Fit and the epic ShredBetty riders 😉 Watch this space for more…

Click here for more information and everything you need to know about Base Fit.