Entries for the annual Entelect Challenge (formerly known as the ‘Entelect 100K Challenge’) are officially open. Coders and graphical user interface (GUI) specialists are invited to take part in writing an AI program that can creatively outsmart and outsurvive their opponents, and stand to win a share of R200 000 cash. The Challenge is designed to test the creativity and programming skills of entrants, and is open to contestants of all levels including students, novice coders and professional developers.

The theme of the 2016 challenge is centred around the classic 1980’s strategy maze-based game, Bomberman – with a twist. Multiple players will be abandoned in a maze arena, armed with bombs, wit and the desire to be the best. Their goal – to outlast their opponents to be the last one standing. Taking advantage of various power-ups, players must explore the dark corners of the maze to accumulate points by bombing everything and everyone in their path. In the end, the surviving player with the most points will be victorious!

Sounds cool, right?!

Tomislav Ravic, Team Lead at Entelect, recently chatted to SAFM about the upcoming Challenge. Catch up on that interview here.