We are heading towards the halfway mark of the year. Life, work and the buzz is in full routine and happening.

Have you taken a moment to hit the pause button? Use it to reflect and plan. Make sure you are giving yourself the best chance to take advantage of life.

Given that the nature of our business at CN&CO revolves around people, brands and many amazing experiences. I thought it would be appropriate to share three quick things I have learnt and found interesting. Three items that have shaped my train of thought and motivation lately…

1 | Plan something to look forward to

Why not get yourself thinking into the travel-mind? Reward hard work, break the cycle of the year and put the map in place to your next destination.

What will your next adventure be?

For me personally, I am looking forward to a two week excursion to the Big Apple (NYC) for the first time in September. Site seeing, sneaker-shopping, good food, art, people and most of all enjoying it with my girlfriend. She is as an interior designer and having her own business can’t wait to take in the city’s infrastructure, style and design inspirations.

We’ve coupled this trip with an all-inclusive week experiencing the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic at Club Med’s Punta Cana resort. The Instagram feed looks incredible and the recommendation came in highly recommended.

If you need some inspiration or just an excuse to treat yourself or the family, check out Club Med’s Free Flight special to Mauritius – adults fly to Mauritius for free (courtesy of Air Mauritius) when you book at the La Plantation d’Albion resort on selected dates including 6th July, 31st August, 7th September or 14th September. Click here to find out more (Ts & Cs apply).

My fellow twin and CN&CO partner, Kurt Solomon recently put a great piece together reflecting on some of the experiences we have had as a team on our travels – incredible moments.

Point being, plan now, so you can work towards this and get excited doing so!

2 | Treat your parents

Time has a way of passing by and we seem to get inundated in the everyday stresses and tasks of being “busy”.

Seems it’s a catch phrase used by many. “Busy” is a relative term. It’s when you take a step back and define what that actually means, that you realise most of the times you get it wrong.

One way to define it, is spending time with those that have given you the opportunity to embrace the beauty of life.

So, take mom, dad, or both out. Treat them to a lunch, excursion around the city or even a show (The Chicago musical at Monte is a MUST-see btw).

Don’t just wait for the allocated Mother’s or Father’s day to do so. Trust me, it will do you and them a world of wonders.

3 | Watch a concert

I’m not only referring to a live one. Switch on Netflix, search ‘concert’ and you will be treated to a wide selection of amazing options.

Music has a really special way of connecting us in incredible ways. In good or bad moments it helps you relax and gets your emotions going. It often allows you to escape into a temporary universe of wonder.

I switched on Netflix the other night. I watched one of my favourite DJs in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. This was Kygo and after just over an hour enjoying the music, his collaborations, it left my blood pumping to do more!

Mzanzi Youth Choir
The incredible Mzanzi Youth Choir

On the topic of music. As a proud South African, if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the amazing adventures and milestones of the Mzanzi Youth Choir who are bringing African rhythm to the world. Incredible stuff!

Until next time, enjoy the three points and make yours count!