“The traditional model of brainstorming, networking and development within the confines of a room is rapidly evolving . The ‘boardroom’ has become more like a ‘boredroom,’ which has driven more entrepreneurs and top senior execs to opt for working within an environment that suits their lifestyle and which is conducive to better brainstorming that will add real value to their respective businesses.” This is an excerpt from an article I wrote in the August 2015 issue of Fast Company magazine around the theme of remote working, a topic that is rather intriguing in today’s day and age.

Sure, the idea of working remotely is nothing new, yet as digital processes and technology become better, and wifi becomes faster and more reliable, the remote office is becoming more and more appealing for individuals and companies around the world. Productivity and inspiration can strike at anytime, anywhere, and are not necessarily confined to an office space or boardroom. So why not embrace that? We at CN&CO and Urban Espresso (the PR arm of CN&CO) collaborate on projects often, and 80% of the time these projects are handled by teams, remotely (with 100% success rate.) It all comes down to clear communication, and collaboration with purpose.

At CN&CO, we are big believers in the power, and value, of remote working. Yes, we have an office space that our team utilise as and when they like, but our team has the flexibility to work from wherever tickles their fancy – as long as productivity is optimal, deadlines are met and good quality of work is maintained. Simple. 

In an age where entire industries are being disrupted by technological innovations, it is essential that businesses big or small embrace the game-changing opportunities that present themselves. Working remotely being one.

Here’s a great article which explores the theme in more detail, which is really worth a read: