Stop the chase. Understand the change. Take control of your future…

These are just a few things that John Sanei touches on in his latest book MAGNETiiZE. I attended the book launch at The Capitol on Park in Johannesburg on Tuesday 22 August.

There were a few things John mentioned on the night that stood out for me – in particular: John asked everyone in the crowd the following question that really made me think about my approach to life in general:

“Are you running away from the darkness?, or are you running toward the light?”.

This really had me thinking how many of us are really just running away from the darkness just to make sure we survive another day. And how many of us are really running toward the light wanting to make a change to our future.

He also mentioned that life is a game. In fact it is a series of games and you can decide how you want to play these games. You can either plan on cheating to make sure you get to the top, but people will realize you are not an honest person and soon they will stop inviting you to play games with them. Or you can play games the honest and truthful way and make peace with the fact that in life you will win some games and you will lose some games. It is okay to not always win, but important to learn from your mistakes.

John left us with a quote by Mark Twain… “ The two most important days in your life is the day you are born, and the day you find out why…”

I really would recommend you to get a copy of this amazing book and see how you can take control of your future.