Synonymous with so much that we do in life, the actions we take have effects.

Actions are a result of desire. Desire to aspire to or do something to the best of our ability, and with a particular aim. 

One of my passions in life has become the game of golf. Certainly not to play it professionally, but because I love it. 

  • It brings me outdoors 
  • It reminds me that no matter how good or bad things can be, one moment (or shot) can set you on a new course (no pun intended)
  • It’s never perfect, which means there is always room for improvement
  • It allows me to be in the company of great people, conversations, and characters
  • It’s a great sport to watch
  • And most importantly, it’s a test against yourself. Presenting you with a chance to grow, improve and learn at every swing

The reward…

The more you improve at something, the more involved you get. 

The more time you spend orientating yourself with that passion, the more karma you create to capitalize on the rewards and enriched experiences.

Now, whilst this blog is technically about my love for golf. The underlying message I am trying to make is that everyone, whether from a professional, social or personal standpoint, should live for their passions. 

And more importantly, give their all to enjoying, improving, and harvesting the most out of that passion.

The insight…

We live in a world where we are more connected than ever. 

Content is king. And it’s created in volume daily. And the best part, it’s shared and accessible to us all.

Using golf for example: If you love it as I do, there is a wide range of resources online that can help you improve (and better yet), enjoy it even more!

Take Rick Shiels, an avid golfer, pro, and YouTube video creator. He earns his living playing golf and recording videos of him doing it.

The draw is that he does it in a way that offers insight, makes it fun, and allows you to immerse yourself in the passion.

This is a great example of the power of content. The ability to connect with industry leaders’ intel and apply it to your passions and life.

The moral of the round…

Create your karma through your passions, whether it’s a hobby, a new work skill or business, or perhaps a way of adding well-being to your life.

Take the actions necessary to do what you love to the fullest. Share your learnings and experiences. Use your resources. Don’t just do it, embrace it.

And may this enable you to live a more fulfilled life.