Last Friday, 12 October, the FIA held its annual conference aimed at educating, informing and supporting all players in the financial intermediary space.

One of the (many!) excellent speakers was Natasha Goring, MD of the Automatic Fire Inspection Bureau (ASIB) provided food for thought with actual case studies and videos of the devastation that fire can cause when not controlled properly.

Listen to her presentation below.

“Even though a building might be code compliant, it might still not be a desirable building,” she said. “The national building regulations themselves state that they (the regulations) don’t cover absolutely everything. So compliance with the code doesn’t necessarily mean a building is safe. Protection of people is paramount!”

Natasha also talked numbers, saying that the value of a claim is often as much as five times higher than the damages estimated by the fire services.

“They only estimate what they can see,” she said, “but the cost to rebuild, the loss of income, the damage to property and loss of life add substantially to the total claim.”

Natasha says the best course of action for businesses is to install a sprinkler system that goes beyond the code.

“Even though it might cost more upfront, the savings can be massive in the event of a fire.”

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