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Not all massages are created equal. For anyone who adores the relaxing experience of a massage like I do, you will know what I am talking about.

There are some massages that can have the opposite effect. Leaving you, oily and irritated!

Well let me introduce you to Cleo Drummond. Her at-home practice in Linden, Cleo Drummond Therapies, is a sanctuary to the senses. You step into the calming space and automatically start to unwind. She is currently studying Kinesiology, and brings this beautifully into her massages. And her music… its not that irritating incessant tweeting of birds or crashing of waves. It’s soulful entrancing music.

Cleo studied Therapeutic Massage in Cape Town for three years, so she really knows the anatomy of the human body. Her massage goes beyond relaxation and really targets aching muscles and damaged joints.

I have three young kids and a demanding career. My weekly 60 or 90 minute sessions with Cleo are like a quiet time of meditation, and really help me reflect and gather my fragmented thoughts. Her hands are utterly magical and transport you into a different place entirely. There is not one minute that you aren’t in absolute heaven! From start to finish. You need to give it a try. Trust me it is the best massage I have ever had and I have had a few!

You can always tell a great professional by the amount they care and love what they do. Cleo always follows up with a message to find out how I am after the session. She genuinely cares for her clients.

I know Carel Nolte will agree, when his mum was very ill with Parkinson’s he had Cleo visit her at home on a weekly basis to give her tired muscles and hands a great reprieve.

At R600 for 60 minutes or R800 for 90… You wont find a better time out for your body and soul.

Thank you Cleo! For being so utterly fantastic at what you do. You are like a tonic to this busy, hectic life.

You can contact Cleo on