The Company We Keep is a column on the CN&CO blog that profiles some of the most interesting people in our networks. Here we share the details of the lives of people we know, showcasing the extraordinary diversity of our society and proving that people truly are at the heart of everything we do.

CN&CO welcomed a new team member in April. What first struck me about Kate Conlan… was that she openly and unashamedly has an obsession with Kim Kardashian. I thought… f*&c, you GO GIRL. Shine that Kim light brightly! The fact that she is a local handbag accessory influencer also placed serious stars in all of our eyes over at CN&CO HQ!

But since working closely with Kate, its her humility, her character, her ability to just get on with it that has endeared her to my life and made her such a breath of fresh air in my home and in my business on a daily basis.

Watching her with her family and friends, you can just tell they are all bunch of mensch’s. They live honestly, they live positively and they love to laugh.

Kate has taken over our CN&CO socials with another CN&CO legend Rikus, so look out for more CN&CO weird and wonderfulness on your feeds in the coming months. Also, please reach out. When I think about my company, our company CN&CO, I think how incredibly lucky we are to have found each other. To work alongside people who just “get” me, and “get” what we are about. We are a lot unorthodox, and a lot passionate and what sets us apart is that we all believe that life is made fundamentally better by the PEOPLE we spend time with. Our clients are our friends, we talk to them with honesty, we challenge their status quo, we have the hard conversations because ultimately we believe wholeheartedly in the way we do business.

Marketing is SIMPLE, and its effective if you keep it simple. Engage your audiences, try and do good by them always. Be dedicated to your teams, your people and your communities. Strive to build a better place, work environment, country, community and have fun while you do it. So if this is you… and you want to share some of your stories on our blog, please reach out. We would love to share the love. Our blog often outcompetes some of the major media publications in advertising value.

Life is complex, your marketing strategy doesn’t need to be. Spend time understanding the business objectives, and make sure the marketing strategy supports that. Communicate honestly with your communities, build a culture of passion, hard work and integrity internally, honour your people, and make sure your customers and clients understand your bigger picture. If you have a little fun, and take your clients along for the ride… you become a magnet and your business will grow.