Ca18uxbW0AAV7CiAt CN&CO our energy to get things done with our clients and partners is a constant rush and motivation. What keeps us going is our need to lead balanced lives. Being active and making sure we achieve our weekly fitness goals is very much a part of that.

The Discovery Active Rewards programme has been a revelation in our team’s drive to get fit. We have an ‘Active Rewards team’ (consisting of Rob, Kurt, Carel and myself) and no week is the same without some friendly banter and pushing each other to reach our goals – which ultimately lead to pleasures of enjoying Kauai’s wide variety of smoothies (on Discovery!).

On Wednesday, 10 February 2016, I had the pleasure of being invited to Discovery’s offices to share my Active Rewards and Apple Watch experience by doing a photoshoot, video interview and workout session.

We’re all about relationships at CN&CO, and the fact that Discovery has partnered with one of my favourite brands (Apple) reinforces the importance of relationships and collaborating to make things happen.

Golf Shot Plus on the Apple Watch - Image courtesy of Golfshot Plus (iTunes)

Golf Shot Plus on the Apple Watch –
Image courtesy of Golfshot Plus (iTunes)

  • For one, my Apple Watch linked to Discovery Active Rewards has enriched my workout and golfing experiences. Not only am I rewarded for getting active, but the way I approach a round of golf, run or gym session has changed for the greater good.Using golf as an example, if you are a golfer and are with Discovery, consider this…
    • Discovery rewards you with Vitality points per round you play – so make sure you are registered with
    • The Golfshot Plus app on my Apple Watch lets me load the course I’m playing on, view distances to the green/hazards, provide weather conditions and record my score on each hole.

    Using the watch’s activity feature (and by walking instead of using a cart) I’m able to take advantage of the several thousand steps I take in a round by recording it as an activity session and having Discovery reward me for it with points towards my Active Rewards.

At the end of a round, not only do I get a workout, enjoy a morning on the greens, but I also walk away a Kauai smoothie richer!