Great investment blog from our superheroes at partner EasyEquities.

It was only three years ago that the invention of Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) came about, allowing people to invest up to R33 000 each year without having to pay any tax on the returns.  For many the transition was #easy. Thousands of South Africans began using their TFSAs with EasyEquities, the country’s #1 provider as voted for by Intellidex/ Financial Mail/ Investors Monthly – not once, but 3 years in a row.

Fuelled by their restored faith in cheap, easy investing and inspired by the chance to help all South Africans reach their full savings potential, three long-time EasyEquities investors have teamed up with industry heavyweights to produce TFSA investment baskets, taking the guesswork out of what should I invest in? They are the TFS A-team:

@Large’s Secret Sauce Basket

EasyEquities youser since the end of 2016 

Age: 26
Day Job: Radio personality, blogger and social entrepreneur 
Mentor: Advicement’s Igor Rodionov

“Investing is the only way to secure the future and create generational wealth.” 

Diversification is the main feature of the Secret Sauce Basket, as the ETFs selected give exposure to local, African and international companies, together with South African government bonds. Each EFT is a critical and different ingredient needed to create the Secret Sauce. Read more…

Nicolette’s Leave a Legacy Basket

EasyEquities youser since Womens’ Month 2017

Age: 29

Day job: TV presenter and social entrepreneur

Mentor: Emperor Asset Management’s TC Van Der Walt

“Wealth creation is important to me and I have chosen to invest in things I love and understand. I’m also a firm believer of “if its not broken don’t fix it”. That’s how the wealthy created their wealth so why not copy and paste.”

The “Leave a legacy” basket has been created as a gift from parents to their children.  It is an opportunity to secure your child’s education, their first car, first property or even that start up capital for their innovative business idea. More info here…



Quintus’s Quintessential Basket

Easy Equities youser since the end of 2016 

Age: 24

Day job: Radio presenter at TuksFM 107.2, founder of Quintessential ZA, and journalist for the Engineering Institute of Technology.

Mentor: Independent Financial Advisor for Satrix Candice Paige

“Investing represents a hope that one day after all the hard work, you can be truly financially independent and retire comfortably. As a young professional growing up in South Africa, it just made sense to get the wonders of compound growth working to my benefit as early on in my life as possible.”

The Quintessential Basket is tailor made for the students and young professionals of South Africa. The basket is chock-full of ETFs that give you exposure to top global and local companies you know and love. You will also be investing in renewable energy, the Internet-of-Things, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution future. Listen to a podcast on this basket…

All three baskets are available in the EasyEquities Tax Free Savings Account and can be accessed with as little as R50. So whether you’ve got a little or a lot to invest before the tax deadline on 1 March 2018, just start. It’s #easy!