Are you a multipotentialite? I know I am…

As a student, and an avid job shadower, the most common question I am asked is what I would like to do after I get my degree.

Well the most obvious answer is marketing. Working at CN&CO has definitely confirmed that for me.

However, when it comes to hobbies, the “multipotentiality” kicks in. I drive my parents insane jumping from one activity to the next. In the past two years, I have jumped from horse-riding to ballet to photography to cooking classes to scrapbooking and a few others.

In her TedTalk, Emilie Wapnick explains just this, and how, despite what we make think, being a multipotentialite isn’t actually such a bad thing.

Check out her Ted Talk, who knows, you may actually discover that you are, in fact, a multipotentialite.