Watching TED Talks is a popular pastime at CN&CO. We visit regularly to clear our heads, have a laugh or get inspired. TED Talks open our minds, spark new ways of thinking and can lead to some very interesting conversations. Each week we pick a favourite and publish it on a Tuesday, because we like how “TED Talk Tuesday” sounds. This week’s talk was posted by CN&CO word nerd Colin Ford. Here’s why he chose it:

It was serendipitous. I went online to to find some inspiration for my TED Talk Tuesday feature and the first talk that showed up was one delivered by a lexicographer. Now, being a word nerd (officially; like, if I had a business card, that’s what it would say), this coincidence proved unignorable.

“Unignorable?” you ask. “Is that even a real word?”

If you asked me that question out loud, my answer would be exactly what Erin McKean says about real words in her TED Talk entitled The Joy of Lexicography. Now, if that doesn’t inspire you to watch this TED Talk, then I have no words…