Watching TED Talks is a popular pastime at CN&CO. We visit regularly to clear our heads, have a laugh or get inspired. TED Talks open our minds, spark new ways of thinking and can lead to some very interesting conversations. Each week we pick a favourite and publish it on a Tuesday, because we like how “TED Talk Tuesday” sounds. This week’s talk was selected by Josie Dougall. Here’s why she chose it:

Simply put, I love this because Ingrid has dedicated 10 years of her life to discovering what “joy” is. Uncovering what makes joy – a rather intangible notion – tangible.

She looks at joy from a designer’s perspective and uncovers what makes us feel “joy” when we look at the world around us.

I love feeling joy, and I work hard at trying to feel it more and make more joy for my family.

So here is an expert’s opinion on joy.