Watching TED Talks is a popular pastime at CN&CO. We visit regularly to clear our heads, have a laugh or get inspired. TED Talks open our minds, spark new ways of thinking and can lead to some very interesting conversations. Each week we pick a favourite and publish it on a Tuesday, because we like how “TED Talk Tuesday” sounds. It’s also a way that the CN&CO team play their part on spreading ideas and helping to make the world a better place. This week’s talk is posted by Llewellyn. Here’s why he chose it:

Music brings people together, especially in the digital era we live in today. Music videos break record every day and receive over a billion views. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to embrace the digital world and connect virtually with our friends and family. This has also added to an influx of people watching Netflix, showmax as well as follow their favourite artists on Youtube.

As I looked through the Ted Talks to choose a topic for this blog post, I stumbled across this talk done by Eric Whitacre seven years ago.

Eric Whitacre: Virtual Choir Live

This was a phenomenal project and quite interesting to see what was possible so many year ago on the virtual front long before Covid-19 forced us into lockdown.

I know that the lockdown is hard for all across the world, but I also think that this has forced us to rethink how we do things and also explore the world of working remotely.

South Africans also recently joined forces and released the Anthem challenge with more than 1000 South Africans singing our National Anthem.

#AnthemChallengeRSA | Over 1000 South Africans Perform Our Anthem

I hope the music brought some light into your life today.

Stay strong and stay safe!